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Montana Freemason  May 2014  Volume 90 Number 2

TChoims rmesiottlueetioonn sJueerkissptrouadmenencedCfooumr mseecntitosn:s of the Grand Lodge Constitution to grant membership in Grand
Lodge to all Master Masons who are in good standing in a constituent lodge in Montana, who have made suitable
proficiency in all three degrees, excluding those whose only membership in Montana is in an educational or
historic lodge. It further grants them the powers and privileges of membership, i.e., to power to represent their
lodge in the determination of a quorum and to vote in Grand Lodge.
In accordance with Section 810 of the Constitution, the Grand Master shall refer this resolution to a special
committee, which shall review the proposed amendment and make corrections which do not change its
original intent. The special committee shall report on the proposed amendment by recommending passage
or defeat thereof, and may concurrently recommend substantive amendments or a substitute Constitutional
amendment which shall be considered by the members of Grand Lodge.
If the proposed Constitutional amendment and any amendments to it are approved by a majority vote of the
members present, it shall be referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence, which shall report thereon at the next
annual communication. A three-fourths favorable vote must be received at the next annual communication
for the amendment to be adopted.

*sSuNEbCOmRTiEtEtTedAFRaRnYOd: MCspoonTnssHtoitEruetdioCbnHySAaeIccRtoiMnonsAti4tNu7e,0nptCelOormdMgiteMsoIofTntTlhyiEstEhjurerOiesNdsoicutJirUocneRs; I2oS)fPlRBegUyisDGlaErtaNinoCdn:EM1a)AstBNeyrD’swrreTictHotemnEmreGesnoRdlAuattNiiooDnn
and/or decision; and 3) By Standing Committee reports. This resolution did not have the signature
of the Master and Secretary, the seal of the lodge, and the date of approval by the lodge, when it was
received. These items are required to indicate approval and sponsorship by the lodge. If the necessary
certification is not received by the tyled opening of Grand Lodge on June 27, 2014, the Chairman of the
Committee on Jurisprudence will recommend to the Grand Master that this resolution be rejected.

Celebrate DeMolay

During the 148th Annual Communication you will see a
lot of our Montana DeMolay youth. They will be taking
part in the Public Opening, and you will see them at
the DeMolay Display booth and helping out.
We plan to have a very special celebration of Montana
DeMolay at the Master Mason’s Banquet on Friday
night. We would like to ask all active DeMolay, Senior
DeMolay and Masons and visiting Grand Lodge Officers
who have the Chevalier Award or Legion of Honor to
wear your Cordon during the banquet.

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