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Montana Freemason                                           May 2014                                             Volume 90   Number 2
             1.  Have power to confer degrees;
             2.  Be liable for the relief of a member, his wife, widow, or orphan; or  and a member of an historic lodge
             shall not be eligible for admission to the Masonic Home unless he is a member in good standing in a lodge
             under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge; or
             3.   Be entitled to representation in the Grand Lodge or a vote therein; and

          Committee on Jurisprudence Rationale and Comments:
          T  is recommendation is made under authority of Code Section 5070 B 1, which directs the Committee on
          Jurisprudence to prepare legislation as may be required, together with a brief statement of the purpose and
          ef ect of them on Grand Lodge, and which will carry out the intent of the proponents.

          T  is is companion legislation to GMR-2014-01.  T  e passage of Grand Master’s recommendation GMR-2014-
          01, directing the Home Board of Trustees to close the Masonic Home within the next six months, and sell the
          real property assets of the home, would make any reference in the Code to the Masonic Home superf uous.
          T  is recommendation is necessary to clean up the Code by deleting all references to the Home.
          If GMR-2014-01 is defeated, this recommendation will be withdrawn.

          T  is is a proposed amendment to the Code of Statutes; a two-thirds favorable vote is necessary for adoption.

                                                 RESOLUTION R-2014-01


           Be it resolved that Article V, Section 520 of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. be amended as

          520.  Qualif cations of Of  cers.  All of  cers must be a member of a lodge in this jurisdiction.T  e Grand Master
          and Deputy Grand Master must be a Past Master of a lodge in this jurisdiction.  T  e Grand Secretary must be a
          member of Grand Lodge.  Every elected and appointed Grand Lodge of  cer must be Past Master of a lodge in
          this jurisdiction, excluding historic or educational lodges, and must maintain membership in a lodge in this

          Submitted by Whitef sh Lodge No. 64, on 1/21/2014

          Committee on Jurisprudence Comment:
          T  is resolution seeks to amend the Grand Lodge Constitution to require all elected and appointed Grand
          Lodge Of  cers to be Past Masters of a lodge in this jurisdiction.

          In accordance with Section 810 of the Constitution, the Grand Master shall refer this resolution to a special
          committee, which shall review the proposed amendment and make corrections which do not change its original
          intent. T  e special committee shall report on the proposed amendment by recommending passage or defeat
          thereof, and may concurrently recommend substantive amendments or a substitute Constitutional amendment
          which shall be considered by the members of Grand Lodge.

          If the proposed Constitutional amendment and any amendments to it are approved by a majority vote of the
          members present, it shall be referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence, which shall report thereon at the next
          annual communication.  A three-fourths favorable vote must be received at the next annual communication
          for the amendment to be adopted.

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