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Montana Freemason  May 2013                               Volume 86 Number 2

                Session Courtesy                                       Voting Members And
                                                                    Delegates To Grand Lodge
  While you should be as comfortable as possible,
remember that you are attending the Annual                  Have you ever been at a Lodge meeting or function
Communication of Grand Lodge and to dress                 and heard some brother comment that Grand Lodge
appropriately.                                            did this or did that and have ever wondered just who
                                                          is Grand Lodge? Who is it that makes decisions?
  When entering or leaving the tyled Lodge room           Well, the answer is, the voting delegates present at
remember to salute the East. You may do so from the       each annual communication vote to enact or amend
door without approaching the altar.                       legislation. This consists of the elected and appointed
                                                          Grand Lodge Officers, Past Grand Officers from each
  As a courtesy to the others in attendance, please       Lodge in good standing, the Worshipful Master, Senior
turn your cell phones and pagers to silent or vibrate.    Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary and,
If a cell phone goes off and causes a distraction during  all Past Masters of charted Lodges. To help put that
Session the Grand Marshal will escort the Brother         into perspective, currently there are over 2,457 voting
from the room.                                            members of Grand Lodge.

  If you need to engage in conversation, please go          The following is taken from the Constitution and
outside of the Lodge room.                                Code of Statutes of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of
                                                          Montana. By Code the following shall each be entitled
  When addressing the Grand Master or the Brothers        to one vote:
through the East, please approach one of the
microphones and state:                                      • Elective and appointive Grand Lodge Officers;
                                                            Past Grand Officers; Masters, Wardens Treasurer
  • Your Name                                               and Secretaries of chartered Lodges; and Past
  • Lodge and Lodge Number                                  Masters of chartered Lodges. Cumulative voting is
                                                            prohibited. No member or delegate shall have more
                      Proxies                               than one vote.

  Whenever the Master, Senior Warden or Junior                   Presentation Of Lodge Banners
Warden cannot attend the annual communication
he may grant a proxy, in writing, to some member           Continuing with the long standing tradition, Lodges
of his Lodge to act in his stead. The proxy must be       are again requested to bring their Lodge Banner for
issued by him at east two days prior to the annual        display during the Annual Communication. The
communication, and he must notify the other officers      Banners will be posted about the Lodge room.
of the granting of the proxy. The proxy card must be       Please make arrangements to ensure that your
presented when checking in and registration.              Lodge is represented with your banner.

  If either the Master, Senior Warden or Junior                     Installation and Reception
Warden has died during his term of office or has
permanently moved from this jurisdiction, the Lodge         Grand Master-elect Thom Chisholm and Lady
may, at a regular meeting held at least two days prior    Brand cordially invite all of our brethren, visitors
to the annual communication, elect a proxy for such       and friends to the Installation and Reception of the
officer. If the member designated as proxy does not       Grand Master and other Grand Lodge Officers. The
use it, the credential cannot be used by anyone else. If  Installation will take place at the Copper king Hotel
a proxy is being given, it should be given to a member    at about 4:30 p.m., on Saturday, June 29th. Tickets are
of the Lodge other than a Past Master, as they have a     available on the registration form. Cost is $25.00.
vote. If attending as a Proxy, the member must present
his current Montana Dues Card and the Proxy card
to the registration committee. Tie Vote. The Grand
Master shall have a regular vote in all matters before
Grand Lodge. In case of a tie vote, he may also cast the
deciding vote.

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