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Montana Freemason                           May 2013                                         Volume 86 Number 2

           Reservations                                                                                       Optional Events
                                                                                                 Tizer Botanic Gardens $ Arboretum
                                                                                                 Tizer Botanic Gardens and Arboretum are
Title/Office:________________________________                                                situated at an altitude of 6,000 feet in the heart of the
                                                                                             Elkhorn Mountains straddling Prickly Pear Creek
Jurisdiction: _______________________________                                                near Jefferson City, Montana. Winding paths lead
                                                                                             to thousands of high altitude plants, which include
Lady: ____________________________________                                                   annuals, roses, wild flowers, herbs, vegetables,
                                                                                             perennials and bulbs in some of the most amazing
Address: _________________________________                                                   settings. The Tizer Botanic Garden and Arboretum
                                                                                             is an official test and demonstration garden for
City:______________________State:_________                                                   the Denver Botanic Garden and Colorado State
ZIP Code:_______________________________                                                     University’s ‘Plant Select’. More information will be
                                                                                             available on arrival to the Conference.
Phone:__________________                                                                     Tour and Lunch is $20.00 per person.
                                                                                                         Last Chance Tour Train
         Tickets (per person)
                                                                                                Ride the Last Chance Tour Train and experience
Registration Fee: $0.00                                                                      Helena’s colorful past. Sit back, relax and enjoy the
                                                                                             ride through the “Queen City of the Rockies”. A
LTashtuCrshdaanyce WaFgroindaRyide Dinner, $80.00Total________                               train engine on wheels pulls you around Helena on
                                                                                             a tour of its historic sites, including the Atlas Block,
LTaizdeiresBTootaunri&c GLaurndcehn/Lunch, $20.00 Total________                              the Montana Club, and the old governor’s mansion.
                                                                                             This is an excellent way to get oriented in Helena
LaTshtuCrhsdanayce TouFrriTdraayin, $10.00  Total________                                    and learn a few things about the city at the same
                                                                                             time. For those taking this tour the Last Chance
Friday Lunch $18.00                         Total ________                                   Tour Train will pick you up and drop your off at the
                                                                                             Great Northern Hotel, late afternoon. The tours last
         Grand Total:                       $________________                                1 hour. Cost -$10.00.

PCahyemckesnot.r(c4a0l6l )G4r4a2n-d77L7o4dge Office to make Credit Card                            Last Chance Wagon Ride Dinner

Mail Registration and ticket order, Prior to 1 July, to:                                         Experience a memorable evening of good food and
        RPHGOoreaclenBkndyoaxML, M1oo1duT5gn8e5ta9Ai6nF2&4M-A1aM1so5n8oifcMCoonntfaenreance  good times. Travel back in time via horse-drawn wagons
                                                                                             through high mountain forest. Enjoy a gourmet meal,
  or E-mail to:                                                such as prime rib, fresh garden salad, hot from the oven
                                                                                             rolls, potatoes du jour, and Grizzly Gulch succotash;
                                                                                             topped off with huckleberry cheesecake and cowboy
                                                                                             coffee all served family style. After dinner enjoy live
                                                                                             western entertainment featuring, Montana’s own Bruce
                                                                                             Anfinson. Group size is limited to about 60 per evening,
                                                                                             if there are more interested we will have a second event
                                                                                             on the next evening to accommodate everyone. Round
                                                                                             trip transportation is provided from the Hotel. A wagon
                                                                                             ride to and from the Moose Mountain Cabin in custom-
                                                                                             made covered wagons pulled by teams of draft horses
                                                                                             creates an evening you are sure to remember for years to
                                                                                             come. This will run from approx 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
                                                                                             The whole event is $80 per person.

                                                                                               The RMMCGrceonatfeNreoncrethheortenl wHilol tbeelthe Great

                                                                                             Northern Hotel, Best Western, Helena. Room Block
                                                                                             is : Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference. Room
                                                                                             Rates: $123.00 to $133.00 + Tax. Call (406) 457-5500
                                                                                             prior to July 1st.

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