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Montana Freemason  May 2013                                                                    Volume 86 Number 2

62nd Annual                                                 In keeping with several traditional practices of our

Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference                           Conference we will be conducting presentations from
             July 19-20, 2013                               the list provided to each member Jurisdiction. From
            Helena, Montana                                 each jurisdiction one Grand Lodge Officer will present
                                                            and one will moderate the questions and answers.

    Brothers and Ladies                                     Discussion topics for the Conference will be:
    Welcome to the 62nd Rocky
Mountain Masonic Conference                                 Cthoelloorcaadl olod-gWe ahnadt   is the  ideal relationship  between
hosted by the Grand Lodge                                                                     Grand   Lodge?
AF&AM of Montana.
   The Dates for the Conference will be July 19-20, 2013.   iIsdGahraon-dLLooddggee’Es droulcea?tiWonh:aWt ishothies  responsible? What
As our State Capital, Helena offers a variety of activities                                                            local lodge’s role?
and fine dinning. We do have some events planned for
those who wish to participate, all events will be optional  Mvisoitnattaionnas,-bGernaenfidt  Lodge Officers          inter-jurisdictional
allowing you the opportunity to explore and dine as you                                       or detriment?
    The Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference (RMMC)            Nleaedveardsahi-p.Express the role of Masonic Education in
was formed on February 22, 1952. Initially, it was
comprised of the following Jurisdictions: Colorado,         cNaenwdiMdaetexifcoor  - What should be the standard          for  a
Montana, Utah and Wyoming. The first meeting of the                                the degrees of Masonry?
RMMC was held in Casper, Wyoming on July 11-12,
1952. Over the years the RMMC expanded its member           Ustatanhdar-ds  Should Grand                Jurisdictions    implement
ship to three other jurisdictions and now includes:                         of conduct and             protocols for   the Internet,
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah          Facebook, and other forms of social media?
and Wyoming. This year I, have asked the Grand Lodge
of Arizona to attend as a guest.                            Wstryeossmthine gpro-Smhootuioldn  local   lodges and     Grand Lodge
    The sitting Grand Master and Grand Secretary of the                                        of the  lodge in the   community or
host jurisdiction serve as the President and Secretary of   should the emphasis be on expanding, building, and
the Conference, the Vice President is the officer who will    promoting the local lodge internally?
be Grand Master of the host jurisdiction the following
year. The official delegates and voting members of the        WArhizatonisa  - Vetting of potential Grand Lodge Officers:
Conference are the elective officers of the respective                       being done, what can be done, is enough
Grand Lodges. However, any Master Mason from a              being done?
member jurisdiction or one that is in amity with the
member jurisdictions is welcome to attend.                        We will have one guest speaker
    Purpose - the purpose of the Rocky Mountain             Brother Bob Cooper, the Curator of
Masonic Conference (RMMC) is to provide a forum             the Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum
for the member jurisdictions to exchange matters of         and Library. Author and Historian.
Masonic interest among our Rocky Mountain States            Bro. Bob will speak on the ‘Impact of
and to develop Masonic Education programs for our           Scottish Freemasonry on Masonry in
Lodges. The RMMC is an informal gathering that allows       the USA’.
the presentation of information that is of a common
concern or interest.                                              We have had requests from some other Masonic
                                                            organizations to present during our Conference,
                                                            however, we have decided that is not in keeping with
                                                            the goal and purpose of the Conference and accordingly
                                                            if they make prior arrangements through our Grand
                                                            Lodge Office they will be provided vendor space outside
                                                            of the meeting room.

Thom Chisholm,                                                 Another traditional aspect of our Conference
Grand Master                                                that we will be following is that the dress is western
                                                            casual, the No Tie rule will be enforced.

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