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Montana Freemason  May 2013                              Volume 86 Number 2

each year. The trustees of the foundation, have set                   Ladies Tour
that amount at 5% of total investment assets annually.
This is an amount that is reasonable and customary         One of the events planned for the Ladies will be
under IRS guidelines for charitable organizations.       a tour of Our Lady of the Rockies. This will be a 2
The purpose for this is to assure that charities spend   ½ hour tour, the cost will be around $13.00 which
funds they collect on charitable endeavors. This         includes the transportation up to the statue.
further assures donors that their funds will be put to
good use.                                                  Looming approximately 3,000 feet above the city
                                                         on its east ridge is a magnificent 90-foot statue of
Those funds are spent on maintaining the                 Mary, the mother of Jesus. Our Lady of the Rockies
      Montana Masonic Museum, providing a                is America’s second-tallest, behind the 151-foot-
newsletter to members and other charitable functions.    tall Statue of Liberty, and ranks as the 73rd highest
Organized as a educational charity, funds are allocated  statue and about 40 feet shorter than the very famous
for that general purpose, although funds can be spent    130-foot-high Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de
on other charitable needs. Currently, the Montana        Janeiro, Brazil. It is the largest Madonna in North
Masonic Foundation supports “Bikes for Books” in         America and the fourth-tallest statue of the Virgin
an effort to improve the literacy of early age school    Mary in the world.
children. This goal is further enhanced by requiring
participating lodges to match or exceed funds they         "Our Lady" sits a top the 8,510-foot elevation Saddle
expect from the Foundation.                              Rock Peak in the northern Rocky Mountains. The
                                                         statue, which weighs some 80 tons and sits on a 425-
Budgeting is a good process; one that every              ton base. Made of 16-gauage steel, the statue was
      constituent lodge in Montana should employ.        originally planned to be 120-feet high, but the Federal
But remember that a budget is merely an estimate of      Aviation Administration required an approved,
revenue and expenses over a set time. While some         blinking light on top for anything over 90 feet in
expenses can be determined, such as salaries or rent,    height. Hence, it was shortened, though its hands and
other expenses are merely estimates that can change      head are larger than they should be — in line with its
during the set time period of the budget. Insurance,     original 30-foot taller height.
utilities, supplies, postage, printing and travel
expenses are all examples of expenses that can only
be reasonably estimated. By definition, since it’s only
an estimate, a budget is wrong the day it’s published.
At best, it’s an educated guess.

Budgeting is like a road trip but don’t get to lost in
      the details or you’ll miss the big picture.

                                                         Rainbow Girls of Montana Grand Assembly

                                                         Grand Worthy Advisor, Laura Uffelman and her as-
                                                         sembly would like to invite you to our “Heroes and
                                                         Horses Always Faithful” 85th Grand Assembly. This
                                                         year Grand Assembly will be held in Billings, MT in
                                                         the Big Sky Country. We would be delighted to have
                                                         you join us June 8-11th, 2013 at the Holiday Inn. Vis-
                                                         iting members of the Supreme Family, Grand Worthy
                                                         Advisors, and Guests cam contact Renae Uffelman at
                                                or (406)671-9023.

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