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Montana Freemason  May 2013  Volume 86 Number 2

        for the 147thRuAlnesnoufaOl Crdomermunication

4010. RULES OF ORDER. The following rules of order shall govern the deliberations at each Annual and
Special Communication of Grand Lodge:
A. The Grand Master shall take the chair every day precisely at the hour fixed for the meeting of Grand
Lodge, when the journal shall be read, if called for;
B. During the hours of business the members are to keep their seats and observe strict order and decorum,
and no member shall leave the hall, or absent himself from the service of Grand Lodge unless he has permission,
or is unable to attend;
C. No member shall be permitted to speak more than twice upon any subject without permission of Grand
Lodge, unless it is merely to explain, and if any member is twice called to order at any meeting for transgressing
these rules, and is guilty of a third offense of the same nature, the presiding officer shall, without challenge,
order him to leave Grand Lodge, and he may further be subject to reprimand, suspension or expulsion, as
Grand Lodge may deem proper.
D. When a question is put, it shall be the duty of each member present to vote, unless for good cause Grand
Lodge shall excuse him, but no member shall vote upon any question in the event of which he is personally
E. No motion shall be entertained until it is seconded, and there shall be no debate thereon until it is stated
by the chair;
F. Every motion shall be reduced to writing, with the name of the mover endorsed thereon, if the chair or
Grand Secretary desire it;
G. When a question is under debate no motion shall be received but the following:

  1. To adjourn;
  2. To lay on the table;
  3. To commit;
  4. To substitute; and
  5. To amend or to postpone indefinitely.
 The motion to adjourn shall always be in order and be decided without debate. These motions shall have
precedence in the order above listed;
H. When a motion has been once made and carried in the affirmative or negative, it shall be in order for
any member who voted with the majority to move for a reconsideration thereof, but this rule shall only be
applicable to an original motion;
I. All questions shall be propounded in the order in which they were moved, except in filling up blanks, when
the largest sum and longest time shall be put first;
J. There shall be no appeal from the rulings of the Grand Master as the presiding officer;
K. No report shall be received from any of the committees of Grand Lodge, unless the
same shall be reduced in writing, and signed by at least a majority of the
members thereof; and
L. No committee, without special leave, shall sit while Grand Lodge is at labor.

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