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Montana Freemason  May 2013                                Volume 86 Number 2

                   Preliminary                             Resolution R-2013-06
     Special Review Committee Report                       This Resolution is impractical, divisive and would set
                                                           the stage for "the tail to wag the dog". The intent is
  Thomas Jordan, Past Grand Master, Chairman               questionable.
In accordance with Sections 1050. I and 5130 of            Recommendation: The Committee recommends this
the Code of Statutes, this committee was formed to         Resolution not pass.
review proposed legislation that would amend the           Resolution R-2013-10
Constitution.                                              This Resolution would allow a small number of Lodges
22 April 2013                                              with large memberships to effectively disenfranchise
RE: Review of Proposed Legislation to Amend the            the smaller, less populous Lodges and control any or
Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Montana.                all legislation using votes of members who have never
Comments on proposed Resolutions for Grand Lodge           held leadership positions in the Lodge and therefore
session, June 2013                                         lack the knowledge and experience necessary to decide
Resolution R-2013-03                                       and vote wisely. It has nothing to do with “trust”. It has
This Resolution does not consider the physical             everything to do with common sense.
location of the Grand Secretary in particular, who         Recommendation: The Committee recommends this
must necessarily live in close proximity to Helena.        resolution not pass.
Nor does it address the value of continuity in either      Resolution R-2013-11
of the offices addressed. Both offices involve lengthy     This Resolution is unnecessary. Jurisprudence is well
learning curves before the incumbent can be                addressed in the Code and reflects the standards of the
reasonably expected to perform optimally. A better         Craft. If passed, this Resolution would establish a new
procedure for replacing a Grand Secretary or Grand         section (351) in the Constitution which, although not
Treasurer might be for the Executive Committee             stated by the proponents, would be both an expansion
to conduct a search for interested and qualified           of and in conflict with Constitution Section 340
members, interview them in detail, and place the           (Judicial Powers), and with Code Article Ill {Trials/
names of all qualified candidates before the voting        Restorations). It would strip an accused of any
Delegates . A candidate's "Masonic activities on state     privacy protection currently in the Code and would
and local levels" may be interesting but would seem to     be virtually impossible to administer meaningfully.
address issues of popularity and have little, if anything  Recommendation: The Committee recommends this
to do with qualifications.                                 Resolution not pass.
Recommendation: The Committee recommends this              Respectively Submitted:
Resolution not pass.                                       Thomas Jordan, Past Grand Master (1998-1999); Billy
Resolution R- 2013-04                                      M. Millhollin, Past Grand Master (1999-2000) and
This resolution would reverse the recently (2006)          Martin M. Olsson, Grand Treasurer Emeritus.
enacted "Grand Master Elect" status of the Deputy
Grand Master. The effect would be only on the                                     REMEMBER:
Deputy Grand Master and it would be without benefit        Even if you are Not Buying a meal at Session you
to the Craft. By the time one is elected to the office     still need to fill out and send in a Registration
of Deputy Grand Master" he has been evaluated and          Form for the Annual Communication so that we
re-evaluated by the Grand Lodge Officers preceding         have your Name Tag and Ballots prepared and
him and by the Craft every year he has served in           In Order to Speed up processing for everyone.
the progressive line. Planning and preparation for
the Grand Master year necessarily begins three to
five years prior to installation and involves financial
commitments which must be made well in advance.
To now reverse the previous "Grand Master Elect"
decision is short sighted and would be of no benefit to
the Fraternity in Montana.
Recommendation: The Committee recommends this
Resolution not pass.

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