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Montana Freemason  May 2013                              Volume 86 Number 2

any Master Mason in good standing in the lodge who        In # 450 and # 620 we added “who is a member of
is also a member of Grand Lodge (Sec 230). A smaller     Grand Lodge.” Some members may not have passed
number may meet and adjourn from day to day until a      their proficiency in the three degrees. In 640 the
constitutional quorum shall be in attendance.            proxies were eliminated.

And amending Section 620 of the Constitution as          This resolution would amend the constitution and
follows:                                                 would require referral to a special committee to
                                                         report and recommend passage or defeat; if passed
620. VOTES. The following shall each be entitled to      by a simple majority, it would be referred to the
one vote:                                                Committee on Jurisprudence to report at the next
A. Elective and appointive Grand Lodge Officers;         annual communication, at which time it would require
B. Past Grand Officers;                                  a vote of three fourths of the members present to be
C. Masters, Wardens, Treasurers and Secretaries of       adopted. Sections 810, 820.
chartered lodges; and
D. Past Masters of chartered lodges.                                          R-2013-11
All Master Masons in the Jurisdiction of Montana
who are members of Grand Lodge will be entitled to       A Constitutional Amendment adding Section 351
vote at the annual communication (Sec 230).              to ARTICLE III - POWERS AND RESTRICTIONS.

And be it resolved that ARTICLE VI Section 620 be        Be it resolved that a new Section 351, be added to the
amended as follow:                                       Constitution as follows:

640. PROXIES. Whenever the Master, Senior                351. CHARTERED LODGES. Any member may
Warden or Junior Warden cannot attend the annual         be subject to an Official Reprimand from Grand
communication he may grant a proxy in writing to         Lodge of Montana for either unmasonic conduct or
some member of his lodge to act in his stead. The        a violation of their Masonic oath and obligation; be
proxy must be issued by him at least two days prior      it towards a Brother Mason or another Human Being
to the annual communication and he must notify           when such actions bring either internal or external
the other officers of granting the proxy. If either the  shame or discredit to the Craft and Masonry. An
Master, Senior Warden or Junior Warden has died          official reprimand shall not by itselfbe considered
during his term of office or has permanently moved       due cause for removal from Masonry. An official
from this jurisdiction the lodge may, at a regular       reprimand is defined as a “chastisement for specific
meeting held at least two days prior to the annual       actions deemed not befitting a mason by the vote of
communication, elect a proxy for such officer, If        those entitled to vote who are members of the Grand
the member designated as proxy does not use it, the      Lodge of Montana while in session.” An official
credential cannot be used by anyone else. No proxies     reprimand will be a part of the Mason’s permanent
will be allowed.                                         Masonic record, and all appendent bodies to which
                                                         the recipient belongs, on both the state and national
Submitted by Euclid Lodge No. 58                         level, will be notified of the Montana Grand Lodge’s
                                                         action by the Grand Secretary.
               Proponent’s Explanation                    A. A petition demanding an official reprimand must
In order to establish that all Master Masons are truly    be signed by at least five sitting worshipful masters
a part of their respective lodge and of Grand Lodge,      and by the secretary of each lodge filing a petition
this resolution is pivotal to ensure that their voice     under the lodge seal; historical and research lodges
is heard. If we cannot trust even the newest Master       are excluded.
Mason to vote at Grand Lodge, then the problem is
more rooted in our practices in the raising of men          1. Those preparing the petitions must state the
to that sublime degree. You have to trust a man to          changes using their own verbiage. The document
raise him to the sublime degree, so let’s quit with the     may be written or typed. The petition must be of
hollow words and show a Master Mason that we trust          the petitioners own free will without coercion.
them.                                                       The petition must clearly document and state the
                                                            reasons for the grand lodge to issue an official
        Jurisprudence Committee Comments                    reprimand. This petition must be delivered to the
This resolution changes Sections 230 (members), 450         Grand Secretary no later than 120 days prior to the
(quorum), 620 (votes) and 640 (proxies).                    next Grand Lodge communication.
                                                            2. All petitions in their entirety will be read in the
                                                            tiled Grand Lodge session. All visiting members

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