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Montana Freemason  May 2013                            Volume 86 Number 2

                    R-2013-09                                              R-2013-10

An amendment to Section 5020. A, adding a new          A Constitutional Amendment to ARTICLE II,
standing committee, and adding a new Section           Section 230 and 450, and amending ARTICLE VI
5060 Employee Handbook Committee, and                  - VOTING AND REPRESENTATION, Sections
allowing for review and ratification by the craft.     620 and 640. Allowing all Masters Masons in the
                                                       Jurisdiction who have made suitable proficiency
Be it resolved that Section 5020 of the Code be        in all three degrees to vote at Grand Lodge.
amended as follows:
                                                       Be it resolved that ARTICLE II, Section 230 of
5020. STANDING. The members of standing                the Constitution be amended as follow:
committees shall be appointed by the newly installed
Grand Master at each annual communication              230. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS. Grand Lodge
before the close thereof. The following are standing   shall consist of:
committees:                                            A.Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand
A. To consist of not less than five members each:      Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Grand Treasurer,
1. Masonic Youth Groups, and to include the Grand      Grand Secretary, Senior Grand Deacon, Junior Grand
Marshal;                                               Deacon, Grand Marshal, Senior Grand Steward,
2. Work, to include one of the Grand Stewards;         Junior Grand Steward, Grand Standard Bearer,
3. Masonic Education and Research;                     Grand Sword Bearer, Grand Pursuivant, Grand Tyler,
4. Employee Handbook Committee;                        Grand Chaplain, Grand Historian, Grand Organist,
                                                       and Assistant Grand Secretary;
And be it resolved that a new Section 5060 be added    B. Such officers as it may from time to time create;
as follows                                             C. The Past Grand Masters and Past Deputy Grand
                                                       Masters of this jurisdiction;
5060. Employee Handbook Committee. The                 D. The Masters and Wardens or their proxies duly
Employee Handbook Committee shall review, edit         constituted, and the Treasurer and Secretary, without
(if necessary), and present the Employee Handbook      right of proxy, of the chartered lodges under its
for review by the Grand Master and ratification        jurisdiction; and
by a vote of Grand Lodge Members at the Annual         E. Such Past Masters who qualify as Past Masters
Communication. Grand Lodge employees can only          of this jurisdiction as provided for elsewhere in this
serve on the committee in an advisory, non-voting      Code (28060). All Master Masons in good standing
capacity.                                              of a constituent lodge of Montana, who have made
                                                       suitable proficiency in all three degrees. This
Submitted by Euclid Lodge #58                          does not include those Master Masons whose only
                                                       membership in Montana is in a historic lodge.
                  Proponents Rationale
Establishes transparency within the Grand Lodge and    And be it resolved that Section 450 of the Constitution
adds an appropriate level of checks and balances.      as amended as follows:

       Jurisprudence Committee Comments                450. QUORUM. The annual communication of Grand
This would amend Code Section 5020 A. To provide       Lodge shall not be opened, nor shall any business be
for an additional Employee Handbook Committee;         contracted therein, unless a majority of the chartered
and add section 5060 providing for the composition     lodges of the jurisdiction be represented. A lodge
and duties of such a committee.                        may be represented by one or more of the following:
                                                       A. Its worshipful master;
If not properly implemented this amendment may         B. Its wardens;
have a substantial financial cost in legal fees.       C. Proxies of its worshipful master and/or
This recommendation would change the code of           D. Its secretary.
statutes and would require an affirmative vote of two  E. A past master who is in good standing in
thirds of the members present to pass.                 the lodge. any Master Mason in good standing of a
                                                       constituent lodge of Montana, who have made suitable
                                                       proficiency in all three degrees. This does not include
                                                       those Master Masons whose only membership in
                                                       Montana is in a historic lodge.

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