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Montana Freemason  May 2013                                 Volume 86 Number 2

        misleading acts or practices in connection            jurisdiction by reason of Membership or
        there with; and                                       residence, to another lodge:
         2. Masonic organizations requiring Masonic            1. On his own initiative or at the request of a
         affiliation or sponsorship to cease and desist         Master to whom charges of unmasonic conduct
        any business or entertainment schemes                   against a Mason have been presented; or
        which Grand Lodge. The Grand Master                    2.Whenever, for the convenience of witnesses or
        reflect on Masonry or violate the laws of              other good cause, such transfer is, in His judgment
         may order trials of any Masons engaging in            necessary or expedient. The charges and the order
         such enterprises;                                     of transfer shall be transmitted to the Master of
E. Make Masons at sight, and for this purpose may              the lodge to which such transfer is made. Such
summon to his assistance such brethren as he may               Master, upon the receipt thereof, shall proceed
deem necessary;                                                in the manner provided for the trial of individual
F. Assign work and functions to all Grand Lodge                Masons;
committees;                                                 R. Order new evidence and designate a committee to
G. Officiate, upon request, at the laying of a cornerstone  receive it after a Masonic trial has been appealed;
for or the dedication of a Masonic or public building       S. Order a new trial to a member of a lodge in this
or may delegate a Grand Lodge officer or Past Grand         jurisdiction under sentence; and
Master to officiate inhis place;                            T. Direct a lodge to conduct a Masonic trial of a
H. Call a meeting or communication of the elective          member of a lodge under dispensation or not a
officers, together with the members of the Committees       member of an adjacent lodge;
on Jurisprudence and Finance, in the event of an            U. Grant dispensations authorized by this Code.
emergency precluding any annual communication;              V. Waive the restrictions on the number of candidates
I. Appoint special committees;                              a lodge may confer the degrees on;
J. Convene any lodge, preside therein, inspect its          W. Determine action to be taken in the event that a
proceedings and compel its conformity to Masonic            Mason fails to present satisfactory proficiency within
usage;                                                      the allotted time.
K. Arrest the charter or dispensation of any lodge          X. Grant to another grand jurisdiction a waiver of
and suspend the operations thereof for a period not         jurisdiction for a qualified petitioner residing in
beyond the next annual communication. He may                Montana to another grand lodge; and
restore it at any time;                                     Y. Authorize a constituent lodge of a jurisdiction
L. Suspend the Master of any chartered lodge from           recognized by the Grand Lodge of Montana, which
the exercise of the powers and duties of his office for     has the authority to do so, to travel to Montana
a period not beyond the next annual communication.          and confer a degree on their candidate using their
He may reinstate the Master at any time. If he does         authorized ritual.
not reinstate the Master prior to the next annual           Submitted by Ottawa Lodge No. 51
communication, and the Grand Lodge does not                 We have, withiPnrothpiosnjeunrits'sdiRcatitoionn, aalne elected Grand
reinstate him, the Master loses all claim to that           Master, whose duty it is to oversee the affairs of the
office and does not become a Past Master, as defined        Grand Lodge and establish goals and objectives that
elsewhere in this Code. (28060). In the case of a lodge     he would like to achieve during his term of office. It is
under dispensation, the Grand Master may remove             a position equivalent to the chief executive officer in
the Master and appoint another qualified brother as         most other organizations or corporations. In order to
Master;                                                     achieve his objectives, the Grand Master has already
M. Allow meetings of suspended lodges for the               been granted powers as enumerated in Section 1050
limited purposes provided for elsewhere in this Code        of the Code of Statutes, including the power to
(22040);                                                    remove and replace any appointive Grand Officer as
N. Authorize direct correspondence between lodges           his desire or their performance may dictate. It is the
of this jurisdiction with lodges of other grand             sentiment of the proponents of this resolution that
jurisdictions;                                              elective Grand Officers should not be exempt from
O. Review, within 45 days, the suspension of any            this standard of accountability and oversight. The
member of a lodge in this jurisdiction who shall be         recent events, resulting in the removal of a Grand
convicted of a crime involving an act wrong in itself       Master, indicate that there is a considerable amount of
in any state or federal court and remove or confirm         misunderstanding and disagreement with regard as to
the suspension.                                             what power the Grand Master does have in addressing
P. Suspend any officer of a lodge in this jurisdiction
against whom Masonic charges have been preferred;
Q. Transfer the trial of an accused from a lodge having

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