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Resolution No. R-2013-01                      of the Eastern Star to appoint one member to the
                                                         board. The resolution as presented does not amend
A directive to the Masonic Home Board to expand the      the Constitution or Code of Statues and requires only
number of members of the Masonic Home board from         a simple majority to pass. It is then within the power
5 to 6 and to allow the Grand Chapter of Montana Order   of the Masonic Home Board to amend its articles of
of the Eastern Star to appoint one member to the board.  incorporation to make these changes.

Be it Resolved that:                                     If the Committee on Jurisprudence Recommendation
                                                         CJ-2013-01 does not pass, this resolution should then
1. The number of members of the Board of Trustees for    be declared out of order
the Masonic Home of Montana be increased to six (6).
2. One member of the Board of Trustees                              Resolution No. R-2013-02
must be woman who is in good standing in
a chapter under the jurisdiction of the Grand            A resolution amending Section 1050 of the Code of
Chapter of Montana, Order of Eastern Star.               Statutes to expand the powers of the Grand Master
3. The Grand Chapter of Montana, O.E.S.,                 to be able to remove elective and appointed Grand
appoint the member to the Board of Trustees.             Lodge Officers.
The female trustee shall serve the same term
length and be subjected to the same term limits          Be it resolved that Section 1050. B., of the Code of
and conditions of service as the male trustees.          Statutes, be amended as follows:
4. The Board of Trustees may do any and all
things necessary to effectuate this increase in          1050. POWERS. The Grand Master may:
membership, including but not limited to amending        A. Require the attendance of any Grand Lodge officer
the Articles of Incorporation for the Masonic            respecting matters appertaining to the duties of his
Home of Montana and amending its By-Laws.                office;
                                                         B. By appointment, without right of advancement,
Submitted by Morning Star Lodge No.5                     fill a vacancy occurring in any elective office of Grand
                                                         Lodge and may remove and appoint the successors
                 Proponent’s Rationale                   of any appointive officer. A vacancy in a Grand
The Eastern Star members have been a integral part       Lodge office, elective or appointive, may occur by
of the maintenance and support of the Masonic Home       death, removal by the Grand Master, resignation,
since its inception. It was an Eastern Star lady that    removal from the jurisdiction or suspension or
dedicated the land for the construction of the Home.     expulsion as a Mason;C. Appoint representatives to
Eastern Star assist with grounds beautification,         other recognized Grand Lodges, and may receive
fund the Cinderella Shop and provide financial           and accredit representatives from them;
support. They put on teas and other programs.            D. Issue edicts requiring:

The immediate Past Grand Matron is a non-voting              1. The officers and members of constituent
member of the Board. The contributions and                     lodges to cease and desist from giving any aid or
ideas provided by these members is invaluable in               support to any business, project, scheme, plan,
operating the Home. Unfortunately this talent is lost          individual or concern asserted to be Masoinc
after one year. The Home would benefit by having               in character or using any term, name or words
a woman member of the Board with full voting                   implying a connection with Masonry, whenever
powers and a longer term. We have found these ex               facts presented to the Grand Master prove to
officio members bring much talent that we cannot               his satisfaction that:
fully capitalize on, such as expertise in finance and          a. Any such business, project, scheme or plan 	
budgeting and operation of assisted living facilities.         	 is unmasonic, unethical, fraudulent, or
This is a pool of talent that we desperately need.               misleading; or is unmasonic, unethical,
                                                                 fraudulent, or misleading; or
        Jurisprudence Committee Comments                         b. The individual, group or concern in
This Resolution should be considered a directive to              charge 0f or employed in the prosecution,
the Masonic Home Board to expand the number of
members of the Masonic Home board from 5 to 6            	 promotion, operation or product of any such 	
and to allow the Grand Chapter of Montana Order                  business, project, scheme or plan has indulged
                                                                 in unmasonic, unethical, fraudulent,
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