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Robotic surgery is an advanced form of minimally        My experience with robotic-assisted surgery at St.
     invasive surgery, allowing surgeons to use a computer-  Peter’s and throughout my stay, the whole sta   treated
     controlled robot to assist them with certain surgical  me very kindly and compassionately. I felt that each
     procedures. Select general, urologic, and gynecologic  member of the hospital team that I encountered went
     surgical procedures that are completed using the state-urgical procedures that are completed using the state-  above and beyond and demonstrated their compassion
     of-the-art da Vinci Xi  robot at St. Peter’s Health.   and their concern for me as a patient.    eir skilled and
                                                            pleasant treatment signi  cantly eased my pain and
         e da Vinci surgical system gives the surgeon an  anxiety. I am grateful for the  professionalism of all
     advanced set  of  instruments  to  use  in  performing  the sta   involved in my care. Having been a recipient
     robotic-assisted surgery.                              of such an exceptional level of care and treatment
                                                            provided at St. Peter’s, I can tell you that they provide
                                                            world-class health care.

                                                            Special thanks to: St. Peter’s Health, Helena, MT; Kathryn
                                                            Gallagher, St. Peter’s Health and Dr. Kevin Brown, St.
                                                            Peter’s Health. Photographs and information about the da
                                                            Vinci Xi Robotic Assisted Surgical System, courtesy of St.
                                                            Peter’s Health.

         e term “robotic” o  en misleads people. Robots
     don’t perform surgery.    e surgeon performs surgery
     with da Vinci by using instruments that he guides via
     a console.    e da Vinci system translates the surgeon’s
     hand movements at the console in real-time, bending
     and  rotating  the  instruments  while  performing  the
     procedure.    e tiny wristed instruments move like a                Leonardo da Vinci’s Robot
     human hand, but a greater range of motion.    e da
     Vinci vision system  also delivers highly magni  ed,                          It is said that Da Vinci’s self-
     3D high-de  nition views of the surgical area.    e                           propelled cart was the   rst
     instrument  size  makes  it  possible  for  surgeons  to                      working design for a robotic
     operate through one or a few small incisions.                                 vehicle; if so, that would make the
                                                                                   robotic knight the   rst humanoid
     Robotic surgery can result in:                                                robot.  Da Vinci was fascinated by
                                                                                   human anatomy and spent long
     •  Shorter hospital stays                                                     hours dissecting corpses in order
     •  Reduced pain and discomfort                                                to   gure out how the human
     •  Faster recovery time                                                       body worked.    is gave him an
     •  Smaller incisions with less risk for infection                             understanding of how muscles
     •  Minimal scarring                                                           propelled bone. He reasoned that
     •  Reduced blood loss                                                         these same principles could be
                                                                                   applied to a machine. A robot or
                                                            mechanical knight was designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It
     Procedures performed include:                          was displayed at a celebration hosted by Ludovico Sforza at
     Urologic: Prostatectomies, nephrectomies (partial      the court of Milan in 1495.    e robot knight could stand,
     and full) Gynecologic: Hysterectomy, oophorectomy,     sit, raise its visor and independently maneuver its arms,
     cystectomy General: Cholecystectomy (gall bladder),    and had an anatomically correct jaw; the robotic system
     hernia repairs, bowel resections.                      was operated by a series of pulleys and cables.

      Every member of the St. Peter’s care team not only    Da Vinci’s robot did not survive, and no one knows exactly
     met but exceeded my expectations. From Reception,      what it could do, but apparently, it could walk, sit down,
     Housekeeping, Dietary Food Service, they all were      and even work its jaw. In 2002, robotics expert Mark
     concerned and caring and demonstrated time and         Rosheim used da Vinci’s notes to build a working model of
     again that they strive to provide the best wellness    da Vinci’s robotic knight, and some of the concepts behind
                                                            it have subsequently been used by Rosheim for the design
     program and  experience to  those  whom  they  are     of planetary exploration robots to be used by NASA.

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