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A Message from the Order of the Eastern Star

      “Perfect Vision  for  O.E.S..” is  the  theme  for our 2019-2020  Montana  Grand  Chapter  term.     e  special
      projects for this year will be, Services Dogs for O.E.S. and Heart/Cancer fund ra   es to raise money for these
      worthwhile organizations.

         e Eastern Star Grand Chapter of Montana would like to invite the Grand Lodge to attend our Grand
      Session on June 18-20, 2020. At the Hilton Garden Inn, Missoula, 3720 N. Reserve St.
         e history of the Order of the Eastern Star in Montana began in 1880 and by 2019 3032  members today,
      we have 39 Chapters remaining, Our membership is declining and with the change in our membership
      requirements, we have the ability to reach out beyond the Wives, Daughters, Mothers, Sisters and Widows of
      Master Masons. We o  en remind ourselves that the Eastern Star does not claim to be a part of the Masonic
      Fraternity, yet we owe our inception as an Order to a Master Mason and we are dependent upon the growth
      of your Order for our own growth. We welcome Masons as members of our Order.

       Elain Robinson, WGM                                                                       Earl Briker, WGP

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