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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2
                         The Hands of the Workmen

                                          Reid Gardiner, R.W. Past Grand Secretary, Editor

                    George T. Slack
                   36th Grand Master
          George Thomas  Slack  was  born August  28,
        1854, in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his
        education at Newton Academy in Baltimore. He
        was an Engineer assigned to the Quartermaster’s
        Department fi rst at Fort Missoula and later at
        Fort Keogh, Miles City.

          He  received  his  degrees  in  Missoula  Lodge
        No.  13  having  been  initiated  as  an  EA  on
        August 16, 1890, passed to an FC on November
        8,  1890,  and  raised  to  the  sublime  degree  of
        a  Master  Mason  on  December  6,  1890.    He
        served as Worshipful Master of Missoula No.
        13 in 1893 and again in 1896.

          In 1899 he was elected as R.W. Jr. Grand Warden and
        Deputy Grand Master in 1900 and elected as Grand Master
        of Masons in Montana in 1901.

          MW Brother Slack was also a member of the York Rite,
        Western Sun Chapter No. 11 in Missoula in 1992, and High
        Priest in 1896. He was Knighted in St. Omar Commandery
        No. 9, Missoula in 1897. He was elected Grand High Priest
        of the Grand Chapter in 1901. He served is a Past Grand
        Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star of Montana serving
        in 1896.

          The  following  were  questions  he  asked  as  he  visited
        Lodge while Grand Master:

          Have we as individuals, during the year endeavored to
        improve our time and opportunities to do good?

          Have  we  so  lived  and  acted  toward  our  God  and
        fellowman, that we can conscientiously say to ourselves,
        that we have practiced those sublime lessons taught us by
        this grand institution we represent?

          Have we, by our daily lives and actions, shown men that
        we  are  better  citizens,  neighbors,  and  friends,  by  being
        affi  liated with this ancient and honorable institution?
          M.W.  Brother  Slack  died  in  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah  on
        August 4, 1929, and was buried at Miles City on August
        8, 1929.

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