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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2
                                  Greetings from the Grand Master

          Greetings  Brothers,  in  the  next  issue  of                   publication, as well as the content relating to
        the Montana Freemason you will be able to                          Masonry throughout the world.
        fi nd the pre-registration form for the 152nd
        Annual  Communication  in  Sidney.  I  am                           This  issue  of  the  Montana  Freemason
        looking forward to seeing you there.                               marks  another  milestone  as  it  is  the  50th
                                                                           issue  edited  and  produced  over  the  last  12
          In this issue of the magazine on page 30,                        years  by  our  R.W.  Past  Grand  Secretary,
        you will fi nd the results of the Session Survey                    Reid Gardiner.
        that was sent out; we will be reviewing these                       .
        results and want to have some of the input                          Since 1934, Montana lodges are required
        implemented  for  the  upcoming  Session  as                       to  annually  hold  an  observance  for  public
        these comments are from you, the Craft.                            schools.  This  is  one  of  the  required
                                                   Jerry Anderson, MWGM  observances specifi ed in our Constitution and
          You will also notice that this issue features the Order  Code of this Grand Lodge.
        of DeMolay, the reason for this is that March is DeMolay
        Month and this is the 99th Anniversary of DeMolay. While   Let us remember that by honoring the public schools
        in  Sidney  for  the  152nd Annual  Session,  the  Montana  we  are  supporting  our  Masonic  beliefs  and  traditions
        DeMolay has agreed to initiate all non-Senior DeMolay  manifested by the public schools. The Masonic principles
        Master  Masons  to  become  Honorary  DeMolays.  Each  of freedom of thought and citizenship are acknowledged
        initiate will then be presented with a certifi cate identifying  by this required observance. As Masons, we believe in
        them as an Honorary DeMolay along with a lapel pin. The  freedom of thought, which includes freedom of religion.
        cost to each initiate is a single lifetime payment of $50.00  We recognize that a person’s freedom of thought is best
        to Montana DeMolay. I encourage all Master Masons that  attained by that person being educated. Public Schools
        qualify to take advantage of this opportunity and show  are  the  primary  instrument  for  a  person  receiving  an
        our support for this Masonic Youth Group. The Rainbow  education.  Here  in America,  we  rely  upon  our  citizens
        Girls  and  Job’s  Daughters  will  also  be  represented  in  to participate in a democracy, and this requires educated
        Sidney, and you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit  citizens, and freedom of thought is essential to our republic
        with them and see how you might be of help to them as  which  takes  educated  and  well-informed  communities.
        well.                                                  As  Masons,  we  believe  in  human  equality  and  equal
                                                               educational  opportunity.  Public-supported  schools
          Lodge education within our Lodge is what we have been  guarantee that all children have this same opportunity for
        focusing on more and more over the last few years, and  learning. With public education, a student may achieve
        there is no shortage of Lodge educational material that has  great  things  based  on  that  student’s  own  talents  and
        been produced over the last several years and is available  ability  to  learn  and  not  be  disadvantaged  because  the
        from  our  Research  and  Education  Committee.    Check  student cannot aff ord private education.
        with  your  Worshipful  Master,  Secretary,  Instructor  or
        your District Offi  cer if you need assistance with education   Public  education  helps  national  unity  focusing  on
        materials. Each Lodge should also be receiving the “Short  common education for all children. We as Masons must
        Talk Bulletin” from the Masonic Service Association. As  be at the forefront of keeping the light of the Lamp of
        has  repeatedly  been  stated,  one  of  your  best  resources  Knowledge ever present. We advocate that public schools
        is the District Offi  cer. He is there to help you and work  should be funded with public funds and public schools
        for you as well as assist you in setting up an educational  should not suff er because of diversion or diminution of
        program tailored to the specifi c needs of your lodge.   public funding. Though Masons are generally prohibited
                                                               from engaging in a discussion of politics, discussion of
          From 1986 to 2006 (22 years) MWPGM Bill Brass was  public  schools  and  candidates  for  school  boards  is  an
        the Editor of “The Montana Masonic News” in October  of  express  exception  to  this  ban.  This  exception  is  of  no
        2006,  M.W. Brother Bass informed the Executive Board  surprise since Masonry has always stood for and supported
        of the Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc. and the Grand  public  schools  governed  by  citizen  school  boards. The
        Lodge of Montana, Inc., that he was retiring as Editor.  public  schools  belong  to  the  people.  Our  traditional
        He  asked  that  Reid  Gardiner  take  over  as  the  Editor  support of this institution has been unwavering.
        as of the September 2006 issue. In March of 2012, the
        change was made from a newspaper format to the current   I encourage your Lodge to fi nd something no matter
        magazine format. I hope that you have and will continue  how small to participate in recognition of Public Schools
        to enjoy this quality publication.  At every Grand Lodge  in your community.
        Communication that I attend, I am always approached by   “Leadership is about submission to duty, Not elevation to
        a Brother that has nothing but praise for the quality of the   power.”
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