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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2
                                            Stained Glass Window

                                          Memorial to D.A.D. Land

                                                                            This committee recommended that Dad
                                                                          Land’s  offi  ce  should  remain  as  he  left  it,
                                                                          to be forever a shrine to his memory, and
                                                                          his work. They further recommended that
                                                                          the  room  adjoining  his  offi  ce  should  be
                                                                          converted into a museum or exhibit room
                                                                          to  house  his  jewels,  Masonic  regalia,  his
                                                                          painting,  and  the  bronze  head  that  was
                                                                          presented at his testimonial dinner.

                                                                            The  International  Supreme  Council
                                                                          authorized  the  committee  to  proceed
                                                                          with  their  plans.  DeMolays  also  sent  in
                                                                          donations for a Dad Land Memorial. The
                                                                          committee  knew  then  that  DeMolays  all
                                                                          over the world wanted to have a memorial
                                                                          for Dad Land. In November 1961 the two
                                                                          rooms were completed.

                                                                            The  idea  for  the  stained  glass  window
                                                                          came  from  H.  Malvern  Marks.  He  had
                                                                          taken it from a drawing that was part of the
                                                                          Members Record Book. This record book
                                                                          was sent to all new members beginning in

                                                                            The window was placed in the memorial
                                                                          room so it could be seen from the street.
                                                                          It  was  also  lighted  so  that  it  would  be
                                                                          visible at night. The window is in beautiful
                                                                          colors and shows a DeMolay young man
                                                                          robed and kneeling at the DeMolay altar,
          Dad  Frank  S.  Land  passed  away  on  November  8,   on  which  is  the  Crown  of Youth,  the  Bible,  and  the
        1959, and was buried with honored ceremonies at Mt.    school books. The bottom of the window reads, “I do
        Moriah Cemetery.                                       so promise and vow…”

          On  the  night  of  the  funeral,  Active  Members  of   When  the  DeMolay  Service  &  Leadership  Center
        the International Supreme Council who attended the     relocated in 1986, a decision was made to move the
        services met and discussed the future of DeMolay. At   stained  glass  window  inside.  Through  the  generous
        this meeting, H. Malvern Marks, Past Grand Master      donation of Past Grand Master Robert F. Hannon, the
        and  then  Executive  Offi  cer  in  Texas,  suggested   window was refurbished and dedicated on March 18,
        thinking about a memorial for Dad Land. They were      1988.
        to bring their recommendations to the next download
        (50)Executive Committee meeting.                         The stained glass window is a representation of the
                                                               most meaningful moment in our organization - when a
          In  the  fall  of  1960,  a  Memorial  Committee  was   young man takes his vows as a DeMolay.
        appointed  for  this  purpose.  Members  included  H.
        Malvern  Marks  (Chairman),  George  M.  Saunders,       The stained glass window is located at the DeMolay
        Stanley Garrity, Harold Schafer, Chandler Cohagen,     Service & Leadership Center.
        Albert McNally, and Dr. Claude F. Long.

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