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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                           Executive Offi  cers - Montana DeMolay

        2001 - 2007   Wade A. Sellers                          majority,  he  was  placed  on  the  Executive  Offi  cer  staff
                                                               by  D.A.D.  Ted  Williams,  and  upon  his  retirement  as
                            Wade Sellers, was born in Kalispell,   Executive Offi  cer, he became the State Chapter D.A.D.
                          Montana. He graduated from Flathead   for Wade Sellers.
                          High  School.  Attended  Flathead
                          Valley  Community  College  and  the   Brother Sam was appointed by DeMolay International
                          University of Montana.  President of   as Executive Offi  cer of Montana DeMolay in 2006. He
                          Professional  Construction  Services,  became an Active Legion of Honor member in 2007.
                          Inc.,  Leaders  in  specialty  Steel
                          Fabrication,  Powder  Coating  and     Sam is a member of the Board of Directors of DeMolay
                          Athletic Facility Construction.      International.  Steve  Crane,  Grand  Master  of  DeMolay
                                                               International  for  2015-2016  appointed  Sam  as  Senior
          Wade  was  a  member  of  A.  D.  MacDonald  Chapter  Steward  for  DeMolay  International  for  that  term.  Sam
        (Kalispell) he was Initiated on his 13th Birthday. He later  was elected as DeMolay Region 7 Representative from
        served  as  Master  Councilor  of  the  Chaper  in  1989  and  2016 to present.
        1992.  He received the Chevalier degree in 1992. He was
        elected as State Master Councilor in 1993-1994.  He was   Sam  received  his  Masonic  Degrees  in  Meridian
        invested with the Legion of Honor- Active in 1995. Wade  Lodge  No.  105,  Cascade,  Montana.  He  was  Initiated
        served as State Chapter Dad from 1995 through 2001. He  on 03/20/1998, Passed on 04/29/1998 and Raised to the
        served as Executive Offi  cer of Montana DeMolay  from  Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on 06/03/1998. He
        2001 through 2007.                                     affi  liated with Helena Lodge No. 3 on 01/03/2011. He is
                                                               a Past Master of both Meridian Lodge and Helena Lodge.
          He received his Masonic Degrees in Harmony Lodge
        No. 49, Initiated on 01/15/1995, Passed on 04/05/1995    Sam    received    the    Meritorious    Service  Medal    in
        and Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on  2014,  for  outstanding  service  to  Montana  DeMolay
        05/17/1995. He became a member of Missoula Lodge No.  and  Masonry  in  Montana.  In  2016,  he  received  the
        13 by consolidation on 01/01/2008 and was Suspended  Theodore  Thomas  Williams  Youth  Leadership  Award,
        NPD on 12/31/2010.                                     recognizing  Masons  who  had  substantially  contributed
                                                               to the growth,development, and promotion  of  Montana
        2007- Present   Samuel H. Whitehead                    DeMolay.  He  is  currently  serving  in  the  Grand  Lodge
                                                               Line as the W. Grand Sword Bearer and is the District
                                                               Offi  cer for the Rocky Mountain District.
          Sam Whitehead was born in Great
        Falls,  Montana.  He  graduated  from
        High School at Cascade and attended
        the  University  of  Montana.    He  is
        a  Nurse  working  for  the  Veterans
        Administration  at  Fort  Harrison  in
        Helena, Montana.

          Sam  originally  joined  Edward  C.
        Day Chapter in Helena, MT in 1993.
        He served as the president of the DeMolay Club in Great
        Falls until enough boys were recruited to form a chapter,
        as the Great Falls, MT chapter was dormant at the time.
        He  then  transferred  to  the  newly  reopened  Great  Falls
        Chapter and was installed as the fi rst Master Councilor,
        helping restart what is now the William D. Cummings
        Chapter. Starting in 1995 he served Montana DeMolay in
        several state offi  ces and received the Degree of Chevalier
        in 1997. In 2001 he reached his DeMolay majority and
        was then trained as a DAD Advisor.

          DAD  Sam  has  served  in  several  capacities  on  Great
        Falls and Helena chapter advisory boards (Ritual Advisor,
        Chapter Advisor, and Chairman). Also, upon reaching
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