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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                           Executive Offi  cers - Montana DeMolay

         1990-1991   Dennis Prewitt
                                                                 Brother Ted is a Senior DeMolay and was initiated as
                                Dennis  Prewett  was  born  in   a  member  of  Valley  Chapter  in  Rocky  Ford,  Colorado
                             Billings,  Montana.  He  graduated   in  1943.  He  served  as  Executive  Offi  cer  of  Montana
                             from  Billings  West  High  School.   DeMolay from 1991 through 2001.
                             He received a Bachelor of Science
                             degree in Education from Eastern    Brother Ted received his degrees in Saint John’s No.
                             Montana College and an Education   77  in  Rocky  Ford,  Colorado,  Initiated  on  12/06/1949;
                             Doctorate  from  the  University  of   Passed on 01/09/1950 and Raised as a Master Mason on
                             Wyoming. He worked as a Teacher   01/31/1950. On June 10, 1960, he affi  liated with Bozeman
                             in Columbia Falls, and Red Lodge.  Lodge No. 18  and Gallatin Lodge No. 6. He is a Past
                                                               Master and has served as Treasurer and Lodge Instructor.
           He received his Masonic Degrees in Star In The West   Ted   served   as   Grand   Chaplain for the Grand Lodge
        No.40,  Red  Lodge.  Initiated  on  05/12/1978,  Passed  on   of Montana in 2006-2007.
        09/22/1978 and Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master
        Mason on 12/08/1978. He affi  liated with Golden Eagle     Ted  received  the  Meritorious  Service  Medal  for
        Lodge No. 66 on 02/03/1986. Demitted from Star In The   outstanding  service  to  Montana  Masonry.  In  2010,
        West Lodge No. 40 on 10/271992 and Suspended from      Brother Ted was inducted into the Montana Masonic Hall
        Golden Eagle No. 66 on 12/31/1997, he reinstated with   of Fame.
        Golden Eagle Lodge No. 66 on 03/21/2011.  He served
        as Worshipful Master of Star In The West No. 40 in 1983.   Also in 2010, the Grand Lodge of Montana  presented
        Dennis has been Secretary of Golden Eagle No. 66 since   Brother  Ted  his  50  Year  member  Award. In  2014
        2011.                                                  the  Grand Lodge  AF&AM  of  Montana  recognized
                                                               the  need  to  have  an  award  to  recognize Masons who
           Dennis recognized the need for a DeMolay Chapter in   had substantially contributed to the growth,development,
        Red Lodge where he served as a Chapter Advisor from    and promotion  of  Montana  DeMolay  and  created  the
        1979 through 1997. He received the Advisor of the Year   Theodore  Thomas  Williams  Youth Leadership   Award
        Award in 1981 and 1982. He served as District Governor   (TTWYLA). In  2015,  Theodore  T.  Williams  was  the
        from  1984  through  1989.  DAD  Prewett  received  the   fi rst  recipient of this award, that bears  his  likeness  on
        Legion of Honor- Honorary in 1984.  He served as a staff    the  front  of  the  medal.
        member  of  DeMolay  Leadership  Conferences  in  1984
        through 1992.                                            He  served  as Grand High  Priest  of  the  Montana
                                                               Grand  Chapter  of  Royal  Arch  Masons,  Grand  Master
           DAD  Dennis  was  appointed  a  Deputy  of  the     of  the  Montana Grand  Council  of  Cryptic  Masons,
        International  Supreme  Council  in April  of  1990  and  as   and  the  Grand  Commander  of  the  Montana  Grand
        Executive Offi  cer of Montana DeMolay from July 1990    Commandery   of Knights  Templar.  He  is  also  a  33°
        to December of 1990. He served as Regional DeMolay     Scottish  Rite Mason  and   has  served   as   the  Personal
        Advisor  Development  (DAD)  trainer  from  July  1992   Representative    of  the    Montana  Sovereign    Grand
        through December 1996.                                 Inspector  General  for the  Livingston  Valley.
                                                                 Ted  is  a    Founding    member    of    the  MSU  Student
        1991-2001   Theodore T. Williams                       Chapter  of  Chi  Epsilon    (Civil    Engineering    Honor
                                                               Society).  He  is  a  Fellow  of  the  American Society of
          Ted  Williams,  was  born  April                     Civil Engineers (ASCE); Member of the National Society
        21,  1927,  in  Great  Bend,  Kansas.                  of  Professional Engineers  (NSPE)  and  Montana Society
        Ted  served  in  the  U.S.  Amry  Air                  of Engineers (MSE). He served as the Associate  Director
        Corps. He was a College Professor                      of  the  Montana  Water  Resources Center and served as
        at   Montana    State   University                     the First Director of  the  Institute  of  Applied  Research
        and  served  as  Department  Head                      (IAR).
        Civil  Engineering/  Engineering
        Mechanics  and  Associate  Dean                          Ted  was  an  active  leader with the Boy Scouts of
        College  of  Engineering.  In  2013                    America  has  served  as  both    a    Cub    Master    and
        he was inducted into the Montana                       Scout  Master,  received  the  Silver Beaver Award for
        Professional  Engineers  Hall  of                      distinguished  service.    Ted  was  an  active  member  of
        Fame.                                                  Rotary International. Ted is an Ordained Elder of the First
                                                               Presbyterian Church of Bozeman.

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