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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                           Executive Offi  cers - Montana DeMolay

          Brother  Rehberg  also  received  the  Grand  Cross  of
        Colors  from  the  Order  of  Rainbow  Girls.  He  served   1987-1990   Paul E. Bovee
        26  years  as    Sovereign  Grand  Inspector  General  for
        Montana. He  served as Grand Almoner for the AASR-SJ     Paul E. Bovee,  was born July 1, 1931,
        until his retirement. He also served as Representative of  in  Delta,  Colo.  He  attended  school  in
        the Supreme Council to the Supreme Council of Canada.  Colorado  and  graduated  from  West
        He is a member of the York Rite Bodies and a member of  High  School  in  1949.  After  graduating
        AlBedoo Shrine Center.                                 from  high  school,  Bro.  Bovee  entered
                                                               the  Marine  Corps  and  served  as  a  drill
                                                               instructor at Camp Pendelton, California
         1976-1987   Walter E. Hantsman                        during  the  Korean  War.  He  attended
                                                               Colorado  State  University  and  Denver
                                                               University.  He  worked  as  an  engineer
          Walter   Hantsman,    was    born                    for  over  30  years,  as  manager  of  planning,  design  and
        Aug.  25,  1928,  in  Great  Falls.  He                construction  for  AT&T.  M.W.  Brother  Bovee  died  on
        graduated  from  Great  Falls  High                    May 15, 2009.
        in  1946  and  joined  the  Air  Force
        during  World  War  II.  Walter  began                   Most  Worshipful  Brother  Bovee  was  raised  to  the
        college at the University of Montana                   sublime  degree  of  a  Master  Mason  on April  22,  1956
        where he earned a Bachelor’s degree                    in  King  Solomon’s  Lodge  No.  9,  Helena,  Montana  as
        and  Master’s  degree  in  education.                  a courtesy to Schiller Lodge no. 41 of Denver. Brother
        He  taught  math,  P.E.  and  coached                  Bovee dimitted to King Solomon’s No. 9, Helena in 1957
        football, basketball, and track. He then               and became its Worshipful Master in 1967 after serving as
        went on to be Assistant Principal and fi nally Principal at   Lodge Instructor for six years. In Addition, he served on
        West Junior High. Brother Hantsman died on February    the following Grand Lodge Committees: Committee on
        12, 2013.                                              Work, Scholarship Committee, Bulletin and Publication

          In 1967, Walter became a partner at Century Insurance   Committee and the Insurance Committee. Grand Master
        Agency  until  his  retirement  in  1991.  He  was  active  in   Richard B. Rule appointed Brother Bovee to the Grand
        the  Montana  Insurance  Education  Foundation  and  was   Lodge  line  in  1974  as  Grand Tyler.  He  was  elected  as
        president of that organization in 1978. He taught insurance   Grand Master of Masons in Montana. Most Worshipful
        courses at the College of Great Falls. He was an active   Brother Donald W. Schenck, Past Grand Master- Honorary
        member of the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce.         and Past Grand Secretary, installed Brother Paul E. Bovee
                                                               into the offi  ce of Grand Master during the 119th Annual
          He was a member of the Great Falls Chapter of DeMolay   Communication.
        receiving the Chevalier Degree, Legion of Honor Degree
        and Cross of Honor; He served as Executive Offi  cer for   He also belonged to the Scottish Rite, York Rite and
        Montana DeMolay from 1967 through 1987 and was an      Algeria Shrine and Miriam Chapter of the Order of the
        active member of the International Supreme Council.    Eastern Star.
          Brother  Hantsman  received  his  Masonic  Degrees  in    He  was  an  active  member  of  the  DeMolay  Legion
        Cascade Lodge #34; Initiated on 12/09/1952, Passed on   of  Honor  and  served  as  Executive  Offi  cer  of  Montana
        01/28/1953 and Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master   DeMolay from 1987 through 1990.
        Mason on 03/07/1953 and was a Past Master. He was a
        member of the York Rite Bodies of Great Falls; a member   He  was  Past  Secretary  and  Past  President  of  the
        of York Rite College; 33rd Degree in the Scottish Rite   Optimist; a member of the American Society of Heating,
        Bodies of Great Falls; served as the Secretary of the Great   Refrigeration  and Air  Conditioning,Engineers,  and  was
        Falls  Bodies  for  10  years;  establish  the  Scottish  Rite   certifi ed by the U.S. Government as a Fallout Radiation
        Language Clinic. A member of Al Bedoo Shrine Temple;   Analyst.
        and of the East-West Shrine Football Board of Directors.
        His  was  a  member  of  the  Red  Cross  of  Constantine,
        Royal Order of Scotland, Royal Order of Jesters, York
        Rite College, HRAKTP, Purple Cross and KYCH.
          Walter joined the Great Falls Lions Club in 1966 and
        held the position of President, District Cabinet, Chairman
        of District Convention and District Governor.

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