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Executive Offi  cers of Montana DeMolay

                                      Reid Gardiner, R.W. Past Grand Secretary, Editor

         1924-1971   Chandler C. Cohagen                       1971-1973   Glover D. Fanette

                          Chandler  Carroll  Cohagen  -  was     Glover  Fanette  was  born  in  Voth,
                        born  on  April  24,  1889,  in  Pierson,  Texas  on  April  3,  1909.  Brother
                        Iowa. He graduated from High School  Fanette is a Past Master Councilor of
                        at  LeMars.  He  received  a  Bachelor  of  Frank  P.  Decker  DeMolay  Chapter
                        Science, University of Michigan, 1915.  No. 498 in Beaumont, Texas, in 1933.
                        He  was  President  McIver,  Cohagen  &  Brother Fanette died on July 30, 1984.
                        Marshall (architects), Billings and Great
                        Falls,  Montana,  1915-1920,  McIver&    Brother   Fanette   received   his
                        Cohagen, 1920-1936. Chief architect on  degrees  in  Beaumont  Lodge  #286,
                        Eau  Claire  Ordnance  Plant  for  Smith,  Beaumont,Texas  he  was  Initiated  on
        Hinchman and Grylls, 1942. He started his independent  08/29/1939,  Passed  on  01/04/1940  and  Raised  to  the
        practice as Chandler C. Cohagen, Billings, Montana 1in  sublime degree of a Master Mason on 02/02/1940. He
        1936. M.W. Brother Cohagen died on December 9, 1985. transferred this membership to Azalea Lodge No. 898,
                                                               Mobile, Alabama on 06/18/1962. He affi  liated by transfer
          Brother  Cohagen  started  the  Billings  Chapter  of  to Plano Lodge No. 768, Plano, Texas on 05/23/1983.
        DeMolay.  He  became  the  fi rst  Executive  Offi  cer  of
        Montana  DeMolay  serving  from  1924  through  1971     He  also  served  as  Executive  Offi  cer  of  Alabama
        (47 Years), and a Trustee of the International DeMolay  DeMolay  from  1959  to  1965.  He  was  employed  with,
        Foundation, Inc., and a member executive board of Grand  Gulf States Utilities Co, Mobil Gas Service and, Southern
        Council of Order of DeMolay, from 1929. In October of  Union Gas.
        1937, Chandler Chohagen received the Founders Cross
        from Dad Land. He served as Grand Master of DeMolay      While  in  Montana  he  lived  in  Great  Falls  and  was
        in 1938-1939, and Grand Treasurer  in 1953.            employed by the Great Falls Gas Company.  He served
                                                               as  Executive  Offi  cer  of  Montana  DeMolay  from  1971
          Brother  Cohagen  was  a  Charter  member  of  Billings   through 1973. He moved back to Texas in 1973.
        Lodge  No.  113  and  served  as  Worshipful  Master  in
        1926. He was an Inspector General-Honorary 33 degree  1973-1976   Jack D. Rehberg
        Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, from 1937. He was
        a member of the  Royal Order Scotland. Knights Templar                  Jack D. Rehberg, was born in Billings,
        and  a  member  of AlBedoo  Shrine.  He  was  also  a  Past           Montana.  He  graduated  from  Billings
        Patron of Edna Hedges Chapter of OES. M.W. Brother                    High School and attended Montana State
        Cohagen served as Grand Master of Masons in Montana                   University  with  a  Bachelor  of  Science
        in 1951-1952.                                                         Degree in Agriculture. He was a Billings
                                                                              businessman-rancher.  For  several  years
          He  served  as  Secretary/Director  Treasure  State                 he worked as Executive Secretary of the
        Development  Company.  Chandler  was  Awarded                         Rocky Mountain Petroleum Association
        Academic medal by American Institute Architects, 1915.                and  served  as  President  of  Security
        He was a Member of The American Institute of Architects               Federal Savings and Loan. Brother Jack
        (President  Montana  Chapter  1928-1936),  International   served in the House of Representatives in the Montana
        Institute Arts and Letters; and a member of the American   Legislature  and  as  a  State  Senator  from  Yellowstone
        Society Heating and Ventilating Engineers              County.
          Brother Cohagen served as a member of the Billings     Brother  Jack  is  a  Senior  DeMolay  and  served  as
        City Council, 1925-1926. He served as President of the   Advisor to the George H. Hammer Chapter. He received
        Billings YMCA. He was a member of the Disciples of     the Degree of Chevalier and Legion of Honor. He served
        Christ Church. And a member of the Kiwanis (President   as  Executive  Offi  cer  of  Montana  DeMolay  from  1973
        1949).                                                 through 1976.

          The list of buildings designed by Chandler Cohagen is   He  received  his  Masonic  Degrees  in  Ashlar  Lodge
        extensive and includes many, hospitals, Schools, Masonic   No.  29,  Billings.  Initiated  on  02/16/1951,  Passed  on
        Temples, Post Offi  ces, private residences, and stores.   03/09/1951  and  Raised  to  the  Sublime  Degree  of  a
                                                               Master  Mason  on  04/13/1951.  He  is  a  Past  Master  of
                                                               Ashlar Lodge.  He was elected as M.W. Grand Master of
                                                               Masons in Montana in 1980.
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