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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                                     HISTORY OF THE EMBLEM

        The four DeMolay Emblems shown in the artwork each have
        a  date  below  them.  These  dates  show  when  the  emblems
        were  fi rst  created  and  when  they  were  used  by  DeMolay
        International as the offi  cial emblem.

        While the emblems have changed over the years, one thing
        has remained the same over the years. On each emblem after
        the original in 1919, there are 10 jewels that adorn the side.
        What many may not know is that the jewels hold a special
        signifi cance, as DeMolay’s Founder Frank S. Land explains

        “Look at it! There are even ten jewels surrounding the shield.’
        He thought for a while. ‘It seems to me that the jewels should
        personify  something  and  have  greater  meaning  than  just
        serving as ornaments.”                                 The CROWN is symbolic of the high morals that we stand
                                                               for that constantly reminds a DeMolay of his pledges and the
        “What do you suggest” his wife Nell said?              seven core values of his organization.

        Land seemed lost in his world of dream and fi nally answered,   The  TEN  RED  RUBIES  honor  the  Founder  and  the  nine
        “I believe they should signify the fi rst of our boys, Louie   young men whose ties of friendship drew them together in
        Lower and the other eight who came with him on that fi rst   the formation of the organization.
        night that now seems so long ago.”
                                                               The  HELMET  is  emblematic  of  chivalry,  without  which
        “But  that  is  only  nine,”  questioned  Nell.  ‘How  about  the   there can be no fi neness of character.
        tenth jewel?’
                                                               The CRESCENT is a Symbol of our heritage and constantly
        Slowly Frank turned to her, took her hand in his, and with   reminds DeMolays of their obligation to remain faithful to
        deep emotion replied, “The tenth jewel will stand for me as   their pledges and fellow brothers.
        the Founder of the group. I will always be proud of becoming
        in this way a part of the symbolic organization of DeMolay.”   The fi ve-armed WHITE CROSS symbolizes the purity of our
        Slowly he continued, “In the years to come, each of us will   intentions to always remember the motto of the organization,
        enter into the adventure beyond this life. Then the color of   “No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as a leader and,as a man.”
        each jewel, in turn, can change from white to red. Years from
        now, there will be ten rubies to give testimonial that in the   The  CROSSED  SWORDS  denote  justice,  fortitude,  and
        beginning there were ten who shared a dream together.”  mercy.  They  symbolize  the  unceasing  battle  of  DeMolay
                                                               against arrogance, despotism, and ignorance.
        Today, there are no remaining pearls. All ten pearls have now
        changed to rubies at the request and wishes of Frank S. Land.  The STARS surrounding the crescent are symbolic of hope,
                                                               and should always remind us of those obligations and duties
                                                               which one member of the organization owes to another.

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