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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2
        The sixth principle of DeMolay is cleanliness, not the bodily   Frank S. Land “Dad”, Freemason, 33°
        cleanliness  that  we  all  practice,  but  cleanliness  in  every        1890 - 1959
        thought, word, and deed. This principle encourages us to
        maintain a civil tongue and polite manner while avoiding   Frank Land created the Order of DeMolay on March 24th,
        vulgarity and hurtful pranks.                          1919 in Kansas City, Missouri as an international fraternal
                                                               organization for young men ages twelve to twenty-one. It is
 t      Patriotism, the fi nal principle of the Order of DeMolay, hits   not required to go through DeMolay to become a Freemason
        close  to  home  with  the  horrible  national  tragedy  of  9/11   later.
        which awoke a new sense of nationhood.  Many died on
        that fateful day, and many more are facing danger today   The  crown  appearing  in  the  self-adopted  heraldic  arms
        as they continue to make sacrifi ces for their country. Their   (  the  emblem  )  of  the  Order,  contains  ten  rubies,  each
        examples  inspire  patriotism  in  the  hearts  and  minds  of   representing  one  of  the  original  nine  members  and  the
        every young man in DeMolay.                            organization’s  founder,  Frank. The  rubies  were  originally
                                                               portrayed as pearls, but as each founding member died, the
 f      DeMolay is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg of an   pearl representing him was changed to a ruby.
        education that will last a lifetime.  Your son will learn lessons   The Order was named in honor of Jacques de Molay, the last
        like:  Leadership,  Personal  Responsibility,  Teamwork,   Grand Master of the Knights I Templar. He and his knights
        Memorization,  Public  Speaking,  invaluable  Social
 t      Interaction  skills,  Fundraising,  Financial  Responsibility,   had been wrongfully accused of heresy and other crimes by
 f      Competition in a Brotherly manner and how Parliamentary   King Philip IV and was aided by Pope Clement V. Grand
        Procedure works.  He will feel that he is a part of something   Master Jacques and sixty of his senior knights were tortured
                                                               into false confessions.
        bigger than himself and will gain a cadre of friends from
        every background, and maintain them for the rest of his life.  Jacques  de  Molay  declared  that  King  Philip  and  Pope
 r      There  are  “sister”  organizations  for  young  ladies  (Job’s   Clement  would  soon  answer  to  God  for  what  they  had
                                                               done. It wasn’t long after his death that his declaration of
        Daughters & Rainbow) that your son’s Chapter will interact   judgement came to pass.
        with  at  many  functions  throughout  the  year.  I  cannot
        express appropriately how much DeMolay has done for me   Jacques de Molay was burnt at the stake on March 18th,
        and how much I looked forward to attending Installation of   1314.
        Offi  cers at other Chapters, dances, sports weekends, ritual
        competitions,  formal  dinners  and  the  week  of  all  weeks   Pope Clement died on April 20th, 1314.
        as  a  young  man,  the Annual  Conclave  (the  one  lesson  I   King Philip died on November 29th, 1314.
        will impart about Conclave: You DO NOT want to be the
        fi rst one to fall asleep)…  Conclave is the meeting of the   Jacques de Molay and his knights were absolved in a letter
        DeMolay  from  the  entire  state  at  one  location.    Oh,  the   written by Pope Clement V in August of 1308 after he had
        Jobies and Rainbow were always there too…  My journey   done his own investigation, but chose to hide the letter out of
        in DeMolay even brought me my soul mate.               fear of King Philip. The letter wasn’t found until September
                                                               of 2001.
        To anyone that has apprehensions about their son joining
        the  Order  of  DeMolay,  I  would  say  “Let  them  join  and   Friday,  October  13th,  2017,  marked  seven  hundred  and
        make up their own minds.” You have to start letting them   ten years since the day ( Friday, October 13th, 1307 ) that
        make decisions on their own at some point, might as well   King Philip had Jacques and sixty of his knights arrested in
        do it with something that won’t let them down. Anyone that   France.
 d      knocks at the door and is allowed to enter can only come
        out with the foundation to be an upright, trustworthy and   The  charcoal  portrait  of  Frank  was  created  by  Brother,
        responsible man down the road.                         Travis Simpkins. The two pictures and the very informative
                                                               essay were put together by Brother David Owens.
        When I joined DeMolay, it may not have been a surprise to
        anyone that knew me, being that I grew up with a father that
        was a Mason & Shriner but it certainly was one of the best
        decisions I ever made in my life.  It started me down a path
        that has given me more rewards than anyone can imagine.

        Yep, that’s what I am going to say…

        Reprinted with permission from the Midnight Freemasons.

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