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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2
                                         What IS the Order of DeMolay?
                            Bro. Brian J Schimian, A.O. Fay #676 in Highland Park, Illinois

         I began my “formal” Masonic journey when I chose to  and future leaders. Its activities are designed to benefi t the
        knock on the door of Lakes Chapter Order of DeMolay so  individual member, the chapter and the local community.
        many years ago inside the Libertyville, IL Masonic Lodge  The order has members in local chapters, in seven diff erent
        #492. I knocked and the door was opened, beginning the  countries.  The order was named after Jacques DeMolay,
        most wonderful experience and building of a foundation  the last grand master of the Knights Templars, who was
        that would prepare me to live as an upright man and give  burned at the stake under orders of the Pope in 1314.”
        me so many blessings that it would be impossible to repay.
                                                                That  is  a  great  start…  but  falls  short  of  explaining  the
        I have been kicking this article around for almost the better  Order to someone on the outside that is questioning if this
        part of the past year because I wasn’t sure what angle to  is a good thing for their child. So the next opportunity I
        take.  Well,  give  anything  enough  time  and  room  and  it  am given, is to answer the question, “What IS the Order of
        will make its own path. That is exactly what has happened  DeMolay?” this is what I am going to say:
        and my trip to the greater Los Angeles area has shown me
        the angle that needs to be explained for Masons and the  The  Order  of  DeMolay  is  going  to  give  your  son  the
        profane alike. Like any organization, Masonry can be its  best  chance  available  in  the  world,  at  becoming  a  great
        own  worst  enemy,  especially  when  it  comes  to  actually  Man. When your son knocks on the door to a Chapter of
        telling the uninitiated what we or any of our appendant (or  DeMolay, he will be joining an organization of his peers
        dependent, as I like to call them) bodies are all about. One  and begin a transformation that very few are lucky enough
        thing  that  Masonry  has  always  struggled  with  is  fi nding  to claim. DeMolay is an organization that is named for the
        quality of good men to bring into the ranks. Well, maybe  last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who was killed
        we need to look at where many of our Masons come from  because he would not give up the secrets of his Order or
        to fi nd that thing we need to nurture and support in order  betray the trust of his fellow Brothers or his obligations.
        to have a continual fl ow of good men to keep Freemasonry  From the onset, your son will learn to live a life that is
        alive and well.                                         “for a purpose” beginning with his initiation experience.
                                                                DeMolay  is  based  on  seven  cardinal  virtues:  Filial
        We  need  to  look  at  the  youth  organizations,  specifi cally  Love,  Reverence  for  Sacred  Things,  Courtesy,  Fidelity,
        DeMolay.  As  I  have  mentioned  previously,  I  am  in  the  Cleanliness and Patriotism.
        midst of a heck of a journey as I have traveled to L.A. for
        Thanksgiving and I am still here, well in to the New Year.   Filial love, the bond between parents and their children,
        I had the honor and pleasure to meet someone that I have  is  ranked  fi rst  since  this  virtue  has  taught  millions
        deep  respect  for  many  reasons.  It  was  that  meeting  that  of  DeMolay’s  to  strive  to  repay  the  care,  so  often
        got me back to DeMolay. A Brother was looking to take  underappreciated, our parents give to us.
        his Lady’s son to a few DeMolay Chapters to see if it was
        something he would be interested in. As the conversation  Second  principle,  reverence  for  sacred  things,  teaches
        progressed, I was invited to join them on the visitations.  every  member  to  honor  his  promises  and  to  respect  the
        But one thing bothered me, I didn’t feel I was explaining  religious beliefs of others, while keeping his own.
        what the Order was about, what it does and where it can
        lead a young man. At least when it came to explaining it  Society  today  often  lacks  common  courtesy,  DeMolay’s
        to someone that knows nothing of Masonry. Then I got to  third principle. A courteous person is admired, serves as
        thinking, “what do most Masons say about the Order?” I  an example for others, and elicits respect from adults and
        have to assume that one who has little to no contact with  peers.  This  allows  more  opportunities  since  courteous
        the Order has no way of knowing.  I would have to assume  persons gain the attention of others.
        that  the  typical  response  would  be  something  along  the
        lines of: “It’s the Masonic youth organization.” While true,  The fourth principle, comradeship, is central to DeMolay.
        this description almost does the Order of DeMolay more of  Jacques  DeMolay  and  his  companions  held  true  to  each
        a disservice than anything.                             other until death, and each of us should never forget this
                                                                great  example  of  true  comradeship.  Our  common  goals,
        If  you  check  out  the  Order  of  DeMolay  website  (www.  pledges, and vows bond all DeMolay’s into a fellowship you can fi nd the technical jibber jabber: “A  that cannot be broken.
        fraternal order for young men between 12 to 21 years of
        age.  It was founded on 1 March 1919 by Frank S. Land and  Fidelity  is  the  essence  of  every  DeMolay’s  promise  to
        nine teenage youth, in Kansas City, Missouri with the goal  remain loyal to every other DeMolay. Many of us will never
        of  creating  brotherhood  among  young  men  during  their  be confronted with a situation such as Jacques DeMolay
        formative years. Each chapter is sponsored by men who are  faced, yet each of us should be ready to take the necessary
        Master Masons. DeMolay is not a Masonic organization,  measures to live up to the vows we take as DeMolay’s.
        and all boys within the age limits may be considered for
        membership. The stated purpose is to build a better citizen

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