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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                                     Widow’s Son Lodge No. 60
                                          Limited Edtion Prints

          Many of you have seen these reprints in our Grand
        Lodge Offi  ce and have commented on them. This is
        information on how you can acquire copies for you or
        your Lodge.

          One  or  more  of  the  next  issue  of  the  Montana
        Freemason Magazine will feature these images on the

          It was in Widow’s Son Lodge of the Grand Lodge
        of  Virginia  that  Brother  Meriwether  Lewis  (of  the
        Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery) became a Royal
        Arch  Mason.  If  you  have  yet  visited  the  Montana
        Masonic Museum  operated by the Montana Masonic
        Foundation in Helena, please make plans to do so and
        while  here  view  the  Masonic Apron  of  Meriwether
        Lewis.                                                    Widow’s Son 60 Floor Cloth Reproduction, circa 1800

                                                                 The other three prints for sale are representative of
          Widow’s  Sons’  Lodge  No.  60  is  one  of  the  oldest
        Masonic lodges in Virginia; it was chartered in 1799,   the three Masonic Degrees. They are titled:
        and it is still a strong and vital lodge with over 250
        members.  WSL60  masons  have  been  serving  the        1. “Building King Solomon’ s Temple: Entered
        community for over 218 years.                                  Apprentice Degree”
                                                                 2. “Inside the Temple: Fellowcraft Degree” and
          Widow‘s  Son  Lodge  No.  60  members  are  selling
        high quality limited edition prints of their lodge room   3. “The Temple: Master Masons Degree.”
        oil paintings. The profi ts from the sales will benefi t the
        Masonic Home of Virginia. However, the purchaser of      Each of these prints contains images of the Masonic
        the prints will likely discover other uses for them: (1)  elements  within  the  ritual  lectures  for  each  degree.
        the prints contain the numerous artifacts symbolized  This may prove useful for delivering degree lectures
        in Masonic degree lectures, (2) the prints enhance the  without the need for slide shows commonly used in
        Lodge room decor, and (3) viewers of the prints may  lodge today.
        initiate lodge room discussion on the  images contained
        in the scenes depicted. The artist, Mark S. Chapman, is   The vivid color and detailed images of the artwork
        WM of Widow’s Son No. 60.                              will enhance any lodge room. The prints are off ered in
                                                               three sizes to fi t a variety of lodge room wall space.
          Four prints of the WSL60 oil paintings are for sale.  They may be matted and framed to match a room’ s
        The  fi rst  is  a  reproduction  of Widow’s  Sons’  Lodge  interior design.
        No.  60  original  fl oor  cloth.  The  lodge  fi rst  met  in
        the town of Milton, Virginia, October 21, 1799. At a          Limited Edition High-quality prints of Widow’s
        meeting on 13 February 1800, the Lodge ordered the  Sons’ Lodge No. 60 oil paintings
        payment of twenty-one dollars to,-Brother Gambrille
        “for a Floor Cloth & Seal.” This historical fl oor cloth   Large     (20” x 30”)   $100.00
        currently resides in the Old Salem/Museum of Early       Medium (14” x 21”)   $65.00
        Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, NC, and       Small     (10” x 15”)   $35.00
        represents early American artwork at its fi nest.         Plus Shipping and Handling Fee: $10.00

                                                                 Contact Wor. Mark S. Chapman, WSL60
                                                                 Ph. 434-227-6702
                                                                 Email: AGW123@EARTHLINK.NET

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