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Montana Freemason                                             March 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 2

                              Musings from the Grand Treasurer
                              Musings from the Grand Treasurer

                                                 Bruce Lahti (34)
                                                 Bruce Lahti (34)

          I’ve spent a great deal of space in this publication   What possesses us then to always seem to talk about
        discussing the business of the Fraternity.  And by that  what we are and what we do when someone asks us
        I  mean-how  we  operate  the  fraternity  in  a  business  about Masonry.  To be honest, someone interested in
        environment.  I’d like to discuss the business of the  Masonry can fi nd out everything they need to know
        Fraternity in a diff erent light.                       about Masonry’s “What” and “How” on the internet.
                                                               What  they  will  never  learn  from  the  internet  is  the
          I have listened to a presentation from Simon Sinek  “Why”.
        numerous times on the subject of “Start with Why”.
        His position is that everyone starts with “What” and     I believe that discussing why we are Masons is the
        then maybe moves to “How”.  He suggests that the most  true  way  to  fi nd  and  encourage  like-minded  men  of
        meaningful way to aff ect a decision to do something is  good character to join our Fraternity.
        to start with why, then discuss how and end with what.

          To give you an example, when someone unfamiliar
        with  our  organization  asks  about  Freemasonry  we
        always seem to start with “What”.  We are a fraternity.
        We’re  300  years  old.    We  do  good  things  in  our
        community like Bikes for Books or Kindles for Kids.
        Are you interested?

          We  might  go  to  “How”.    We  have  meetings.    We
        teach you moral lessons through multiple degrees.  We
        work together to raise funds for charitable purposes.

          Rarely  do  we  start  with  “Why”.    Perhaps  because
        “Why” is diff erent for each of us.  Possibly because
        “Why”  changes  over  our  lifetime.    If  you  were  to
        ask me 46 years ago why I became a Mason, I’d tell
        you  that  my  father  was  a  Mason,  my  grandfather
        was a Mason, my mother was in Eastern Star, I was
        in  DeMolay  and  it  just  seemed  natural  that  I  would
        become a Mason.  It probably didn’t hurt that on my
        21st birthday I received a petition to Lodge from my
        father and a check for my degree fees from my mother.

          I must admit that my “Why” has changed signifi cantly
        over the years.  My “Why” today would be that I have
        enjoyed  a  lifetime  of  growth  and  learning  by  virtue
        of  my  association  with  like-minded  men  of  good
        character.  I believe that interacting with my Brothers
        in Masonry has helped me to be a better person.

          I  suspect  that  many  Brothers  would  associate
        Masonry with that “Why”.  There are very few, if any,
        organizations in the world that can boast the number
        of 50 year members Masonry has.  Those men did not
        stay in our Fraternity simply because we have meetings
        and do degrees.

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