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Montana Freemason  March 2015                                                          Volume 91 Number 1

  • How can I advance?                                                                 ais imnveonltvoerd uanndleyssouysohuoualrdenaobtlceontosidmerabkeecoamrienagl
  At this stage we have a brother who has                                              commitment in terms of time.
  completed his degree work, has struck a                                              IWnhidoesahl ocuirlcdubmestaamnceenstoa rm? entor would be:
  Mhaapspoynicbalilfaen,caendwiwthishheiss towoprrko,grhesosmfeu,rthanerd.
  tTohwisardpsroWgroerssshioipnfucl oMuladstebre inuphisthleodglaed,doerr                •esStoabmliesohnae gwohoodtrhaepcpaonrdt iwdaitthe can relate to and
  oadfvoanucreomregnant iiznattihoen.sevAetratlhaispppeonidnat,ntitbiosdtihees           • Someone who has a sufficient amount of free
  adsutwyeolfl ahsistmheenretospr otonseixbpilliatiinesbaonthd tohbelirgeawtiaorndss     time to devote to the mentoring process and
  of his proposed path, and to provide support                                           is not encumbered with other time consuming
  and encouragement whenever required.                                                   lodge or outside activities
  Sounds great, but from a practical standpoint,                                         • Someone who has a proven track record
what should I as a mentor be doing?                                                      bofretbherienng helpful to new and inexperienced
  As an absolute minimum, it is important to meet                                        • Someone who lives within a reasonable
cweirtehmtohne ycatondpiduattehibmefaotreeaasnedanafdtetro eaancshwdeer garneey          proximity to the candidate
qtoueascttioansshhise gmuiadyehdauvrei.nYgotuhessheotuimldesbejupstreapsarthede          • Someone who is knowledgeable with regard guide during the actual                      to the ceremonies, usages, symbolisms and
To accomplish this, a mentor should:                                                     functioning of the Craft
  • Ensure that you are seated next to the                                               • Someone who is outgoing with a friendly
  candidate when appropriate during the lodge                                            pMearssoonniacliteyxpearniednciess enthusiastic about his
  meeting -make him feel at ease

• Ensure you are seated next to the candidate                                          • A good communicator
dhuimrintog ortehferersshpmreesnent to-rmmakeealhsimanfdeelinwterlocdoumcee            • Of a similar age profile to the candidate

• Be prepared to assist the candidate in his                                             • A member who is also an acquaintance or
pourotsfiidcieenocfylowdogrek manedetkineegps in contact with him                        friend of the candidate
• Explain Freemasonry - its structure, offices,                                          From a realistic standpoint, it is unlikely that
ceremonies, usages, and symbolism                                                      plisotteedn.tiUalsmuaelnlytosrosmweilcl opmospsreosms aislleos fwtihllenaetetdribtoutbees
• Take a supportive interest in the progress                                           mbeadgiev,ebnuttowthhoesne tchheayraacrtee,ripsrtiicosritthyasthwoiullldreasluwltayins
hmisadperobgyretshse acnadndeindcaoteu.raCgoenhgirmatutolatdeevheimlopoint             tthhee dcaenvedliodpatmeeanntdofhisa mlasetnintogr.friSenudchshiisp abeptrwoepeenr
even further.                                                                          use of the trowel.

  •thEe nrcitouuarlaagse haendprhoeglrpestshees cinantdhiedalotedgtoe -lenaront        whTihleenfiontaal tchuorueg-ahltl fIowroouulrdmleeamvebyeorsuhwipitrhetisenthtiiosn-
  jmusetantihneg. words, but more importantly their                                    woes, mentoring can be an effective tool in our
  The amount of time necessary will vary                                               efforts to stem the tide of membership losses
considerably from candidate to candidate                                               particularly with regard to our newer members. A
tahceciorradbinilgitytotothdeigiresltevtheel voafstsealmf ocuonntfoidfenmcaetearniadl  sthoeunddiffmereenntcoeribnegtwpreoegnraamneiwneyromuremlobdegrebceacnommeinang
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