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obHseorwvedmaanny entitmhuessiasitnic ocuarndlioddatgeesrecheaivvee hwies                   thneoirtetvreyriyndgaytolivaepsp. ly their Masonic learning to
tfhirisrtd doenglyreteo asntodp patetrehnadpisngeavnend ehviesntsueaclolynddroopr             So, as a mentor, how do I do that?
bhiescamuseemabfetersrhoipb?seIrnvinsogmoeurinristtuaanlcseas,ndit cmusatyombes               I believe the key to being a successful mentor is to
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in other directions. In others, it may have been                                            take everything one step at a time. Just as Masonry
because of a failure to understand what was being                                           is a progressive science, so should be the process
presented to them in the way it was presented.                                              of mentoring. Understand that the candidate will
aSstilal roetshuelrtsomf anyoht afveeelidnrgopthpeemd stehlveiers mtoembebearsphairpt       ahnavdeipdreeassentoteadstsoimhiilmatea. gIrtewatildl ebael opfreinsefonrtemdatiniona
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ccoomuldmuhnaivceatiobneewnithprtehveebnrteodthetrhsropurigohr top,rdouacritnivge,          never used in today’s communication.
banridngasftmererteocethiveintgoptihceoirf rmesepnetcotrivinegd. egrees. This               it Inis oirmdperorttoanatvotiod oidveenrtwifhyelwmhinagt tthhee ccaannddiiddaattee,
                                                                                            needs to know and when he needs to know it.
  If you think back to when you first came into                                             This is perhaps best achieved by conveying your
the lodge as an Entered Apprentice, you can                                                 knowledge to him in stages. Common topics
remember that as being a very daunting and                                                  should include:
overwhelming experience. Even the manner
ignivewhanicyh tyhoinukiwnegreperrescoeniveadreaatsothne todopoarussheoaunldd                 •TWhehseatairseeaxllptehcetebdasoifc mquee?stions such as: When
rneactounresiodefrohuisrdFercaisteiornnittoy wofatleknthlreoaudgshmite.nThtoe vjoeriny      dthoewloedmgee?et?WHhoatwasrheotuhledfIeedsretshsa?t WI whoill’shwahveo tion
uosf wthitehmlitatnled, owrhnaot tihdeeya ocafnw, hinatreistufrunll,yeexxppeeccttetod       pwahya?t dWohtahte’syadWo,aertdce. n or Steward or Deacon and
gmaeinntforromis mesesmenbtiearlshtoipp. rIot visidine tthhies csiatnudatidioantethwaittha
support, advice, and above all friendship during                                              • What do I have to do next?
this important and formative time.                                                            Once the basic questions are dealt with, the
                                                                                            next stage is to ensure an understanding of the
  MSoe,nwtohraitndgoiessaa pmreoncteossr dwoh?ere an individual or                          relationship of the three degrees and the symbolic
skenvoewralel dignediavniddueaxlspecraienncpeastso oanlestsheeixrpMeriaesnocneidc           mwietahnainfguollfuenadcehrsatsanhdeincogmopf leotuers ctheeremm. oIntiiessoannldy
bnreowthberro. thTehre urnodleerosftaandmsenantodr bisetcoomenessureengthaagteda            tuhnedirermstaenandintghse thesasteancneewofbrMotahseornrwy.ill cWomitheotuot of our Fraternity and                              tChriasf, t,hme awkiilnl gnietvveerrybedcifofmiceultfufollyr heinmgatgoemd aiinnttahine
                                                                                            further interest.
  By engaged, I mean someone who is                                                           T• Dhiso iIsbwelhoenng thheereq?uestion arises - Now that I
committed to Freemasonry; regularly attends                                                 understand it, do I fit in and is this really for me?
their lodge and takes an active role in lodge                                               The answer to this can only be yes if the previous
activities. By comparison, someone considered                                               two topics have been thoroughly answered and
to be “disengaged” may be a Mason by right of                                               easxkpltahienecdan. dTidhaisteisifahneidweoaul ltdimliekefotor tbheeinmveonlvtoedr tion
membership, but not understand the expectations                                             htaikmintgoappaarrtticiinpaatefuitnurtehedesgorceiealanacdtitvoitieenscoouf rathgee
and principles of our Order, not regularly attend                                           lodge.
or participate in lodge activities, and probably are

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