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Greetings from the Grand East                           by the loss of Brethren called to the Celestial
                                                         Lodge above. With joy and sadness both in my
         Don Ceroski, Grand Master                       hands for our Brothers, I must bring forth the
                            Tidings from the East        fact that some of the Lodges with-in the Grand
                            my Brethren. Though we       Jurisdiction of Montana have not yet completed
                            have been fortunate for      and submitted their Annual Returns. Without
                            the weather of this past     the submission of these returns, your Fraternity
                            winter compared to other     is lacking in its ability to operate correctly and
                            parts of North America,      efficiently. Those Lodges who are deficient in
                            it is pleasing to see in my  completion of this task, Please contact your
                            travels throughout the       District Officer and/or the Grand Secretary for
                            Grand Jurisdiction of        assistance if needed, thus allowing us (Masons) to
                            Montana that spring is       properly record with sadness and pay honor to our
                            close at hand.               depart Brothers, but also joyously acknowledge
                                                         our new Brothers.
Seeing Mother Nature’s rebirth of new born               The last Lodge meeting of April through the first
livestock and vegetation gives me cause to reflect       Lodge meeting of May is time for the election
on my Masonic life and reminds me that the four          of your new Lodge Officers. To those Brothers
seasons we encounter in Montana weather are              who are elected I ask you to seriously plan your
symbolic of Masonry.                                     year, to assist your Lodge in being successful
The dark days of winter; from the first part of          and productive. Remember as the saying goes,
January until the middle of March, brings to mind        “Poor planning on your part does not constitute
the thoughts of darkness and lack of Masonic light       an emergency on someone else’s part”. This can
in my life prior to be Initiated. The coming days        result in an enjoyable year for those upcoming
of springs rebirth of nature is likened to that of       Lodge Officers or one of struggles, complacency,
being Initiated and brought to Masonic Light, were       unproductivity or confusion. Look well my
the experiences are new and filled with excitement       Brothers to the future of our Fraternity.
and awe of its wondrous beauty. With summers             In closing, you are invited to attend the Grand
onset resembling our Masonic adventure of being          Lodge Communications, June 26-27, 2015 in
Passed to the Fellowcraft Degree, were we toil in        Bozeman, MT, and I look forward to seeing and
the Quarry’s with our work and the nurturing of          visiting with you there.
our Masonic skills. Thus we can reflect upon the
sincerity and success of our labors, that when fall                  Don Cerovski, Grand Master
starts to arrive we are able to look back and see
the fruit coming to bear. With the Fall Season in
place, again I am reminded that being raised to the
Sublime Degree of a Master Mason we are able to
harvest the fruits or our labors, thereby enjoying
the peaceful onset of winters coming, to have
fellowship and joy with our Brethren’s company.
I hope that your labors in the Quarry’s from the
beginning of September until now have been; fun,
enjoyable and fruitful, for yourselves and Brethren
of your Lodges. That as spring has arrived we can
all, from the newest Masons you have Initiated,
Passed and Raised, to yourselves can appreciate
our Great Fraternity.

The joy of the new Brethren that have joined the
folds of our Fraternity is also somewhat damped

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