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         Looks like a good day for my peeps to jump into  Wait what... I thought we were going to play golf
         a frozen lake!

Dad Sam, Executive Officer of Montana DeMolay             Justin Johnson, SMC and MC of E C Day Chapter,
             The 2015 Polar Plunge Team                   Dad Tan and Dad Shawn

                                                          The Polar Plunge is sponsored by
                                                          Montana Law Enforcement. It is a unique
                                                          opportunity for individuals, organizations,
                                                          and businesses to support Special Olympics
                                                          Mfriogindtawnaatearths laertoesunbdy tMakoinngtaanna iocny dFiepbirnutahrye
                                                          1te4a,m20h1a5d aingoHoedlednaay., aTnhderasitsaetde oDveerM$o3l1a0y
                                                          for Special Olympics.

Laura Bruce (State Princess), Dad JD Olsen, Dad
Sam, Dan Gardiner, Justin Johnson

                                                          Well at least they broke the ice off the surface.

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