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symbols to articulate and free imagination of the                                           Freemasonry is not organized into a formal
individual conscience. All Masons agree to try to                                           nasastoiocniaatlioonr inotferninatdioivnidaluasltruacuttuorne,ombuotuiss aGloraonsde
live as a model citizen.                                                                    Leaocdhgoesthoerr GanradntdheOvraielindtistythoaft mthuetmuaellmy breecrso,gwniizthe
The Masonic lodge is not place for lobbying,                                                trheceologndigzeedas ftrheeembaassisonorfyMmasaoinntiacinwsortkh.eRceegnutluarrioesr
nloodrgae pelxapceecftos rhpoanretsistya,nfapiornliteiscsalandidsccuhsasriiotnyso. fThites  old males only rule as an essential requirement.
amcetimvibtieerssoirntthheehiropldriinvagteoflivaensy, pthuebilricporofffiecses.ional       The basic foundation of Freemasonry is
Masonic lodges should not proselytize to find                                               the individual’s experience of personal self-
new members. However lodges are free to                                                     improvement, originally formed by the
publicize their existence. Masonry is not a secret                                          brotherhoods of builders and later developed as
organization. Members are not obliged to keep                                               a method of personal and social construction.
their membership as a Freemason secret.                                                     Desesecnlatriaatliomnsaxoimf sHuomf aFnreReimghatssonarnyd. DThuetiesbaasriec
sFurbeemmisassioonnroyfisitsnmotema bceurlst,toitandyoegsurnuootrrleeqaudierre,             tmenakaenstshoisf lFifreeeamtrausoenwryorakssoefrtWthiastdoemve,ryStMreansgotnh
abupteornsotnhaeliczoedntrwarayy, goifvessetlof-leeaacrhnionfg ittsomimemprboevres          panladceBweahuetrye; pcoeanctreibisutpinogsstibolem, aaknidnghuthmeanworrigldhtas
hanimy skeinlfd. Tohfesploirdigtueaml not subjected to                  are guaranteed.
Masonic symbolism is essentially open to                                                    Contrary to popular myths: Freemasons are not
interpretation, and does not require a single or                                            descended from, nor do they have any direct
specific interpretation. The Masonic method                                                 relationship to the original Knights Templar, they
involves rational and emotional understanding                                               have no idea where the Holy Grail might be, nor
from its practitioners, appealing to their conscious                                        are they conspiring to take over the world.
and unconscious mind. Freemasonry not                                                       It is certainly something that does not lend itself
fdroegemdoamtico, fit tihsoaunghint iatinadtosroycgiertoy.up that promotes                  to a quick sound bite sort of explanation.

Masonry is not a mutual aid society, despite the
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minded men which will usually result in personal
friendship ties and social relationships. Masonry is
not a cultural or recreational association, although
Mit amsoanyryhaivse ncoutltuaralchoarritrye,crbeuattiosnuapl paocrttisvittiehse.
scorecaiatilownelafnadre.mFarienetmenaasnocneryodf ohesumnoant iatadrvioancataenda
bpaurttiscoumlaer, gsepneecriafilcvaanludesdeotfailLeidbeprotyli,tiEcaqluiadleitoyloagnyd,
Frerlaigteiornuistyd. eMnoamsoinnraytiodnoeosr naonty cpoomlitpiceatle pwaritthy, abnuyt
raedshpeercetsfotor HthuemapnolRitiigchalts.vaDluisecuosfsiofrneeodformeligaionnd
is not an appropriate topic within the lodge.

Masonry is not a commercial enterprise; it is a non-
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