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What Are Freemasons

         Blake Gardiner (3)

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My personal pet peeve response is the nebulous,                                           ethical and spiritual self-awareness, according to
“Masons take good men, and make them better.”                                             the needs of each individual.”
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how do you determine the relative goodliness of                                          psychological and spiritual learning. Masonic
the man, and how does the fraternity improve it?                                         initiation is not a way of salvation, nor is it religious
The F.B.I. “always gets its man.” The Marines are                                        or esoteric; it’s a process of clarification and as
“looking for a few good men.” What do those                                              such is compatible with any religious or esoteric
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than “Just Do It,” or “Stronger than Dirt?”                                              eTnhleigMhtaesnomneicnti,nbituiattoionne iosfnmotanthy.eTohnelryemareethoothdeorsf,
It is my opinion that the lodge is not a school,                                         even spontaneous life experiences causing an
it does not teach in the common sense of                                                 increase in the individual’s consciousness, a new
the word. Rather it should be thought of as a                                            and more responsible attitude to life, for example,
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If done correctly the rituals of the lodge present                                       be altered arbitrarily.
ideas and suggest questions that empower the                                             The Masonic method does not impose ideological
members to find personal enlightenment, and                                              dogma to the practitioner, but gives only a general
cause the individual to discover and develop their                                       value framework that supports and demands
own moral and ethical being.                                                             pdoercstorinnaall ginrostwittuht.ioMn.asTohneryloidsgneodt oaestenaocht itnegacohr,
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                                                                                         is based on the functionality of the builder’s

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