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OVERALL VIEW OF FREEMASONRY                                   Masonic Auld Lang Syne

            Jack R. Levitt PGM (CA) 6 & 18                                by Robert Morris

   Freemasonry consists of an overriding plan. We         We do not sigh for pleasures past,
need not know it in its entirety to follow its dictates.    Nor fondly, vainly pine;
The Ritual gives us lesson plans to know where and
how to do so. We must, however, have a desire to          Yet let us give one memory
live the doctrines and truths learned. When we utilize      To Auld Lang Syne.
these Masonic guides of life, which are of a divine
origin, we begin to more adequately display Wisdom,       With Gavel, Trowel, Gauge, we work,
Strength and Beauty, which exemplify the true nature       With Level, Square, and Line;
of man and his relation to God.
                                                          Come, join the Chain OF LOVE , and sing
   The symbols and allegories of Freemasonry               Of Auld Lang Syne!
conceal the knowledge of the origin of life and all of
the nature of God that finite man can know. Although      For Auld Lang Syne, my dear,
man is made in the likeness of God, and his capacity       For Auld Lang Syne;
for development appears to be unlimited, still he must
earn knowledge and wisdom by study, sacrifice and         Ah, who like us can sing the days
contemplation.                                             Of Auld Lang Syne?

   We must always be as ready to give, as to receive, as  ‘Twas sweet when evening’s shadows fell—
much light as possible. We must remember, however,         How bright our Lights did shine!
that the priceless secrets of Freemasonry are not to
be found in books, or in the degree lectures, as these    Down from the East to hear the words
give only hints or clues. Study and meditation will        Of Auld Lang Syne.
bring new light and make the symbols and allegories
become more meaningful and enlighten us that each         The ‘PRENTICE knocked with trembling hand,
point out many invaluable truths. We must remember         The Craft sought Oil and Wine,
also that these priceless secrets of Freemasonry are
laid down as rules and designs in the great Book of       The M ASTER stood, and nobly fell,
Nature and Revelation, which was made and written          In Auld Lang Syne.
by the Supreme Architect of the Universe. Thus,
although concealed, they are all around us, but can       With step so true, with form upright,
only be understood and appreciated by those whose          We drew the GRAND DESIGN ;
judgments are not darkened by error or vice.
                                                          ‘Twas well we knew “to square the work”
   Our search for light is one we must enter upon          In Auld Lang Syne.
of our own free will and accord and without metallic
encumbrance, that is, free from earthly passions and      A tear to them, THE EARLY DEAD ,
without selfish desire. The knowledge revealed by the      Fond memory would consign;
search is ours for the seeking. Freemasonry lays out
her treasures where the worthy searcher can find them.    We dropped the green sprig o’er their head,
                                                           In Auld Lang Syne.
   In summary, Freemasonry is a school in which one
is taught how to live one’s life in accordance with the   And till the M ASTER call us hence
will of God.                                               To join the LODGE DIVINE ,

                                                          We sometimes give a grateful thought
                                                           To Auld Lang Syne!

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