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Montana Freemason                               March 2015  Volume 91 Number 1

                   Sign Raising

                         Gary Lay (65)

                                             After years of postponement Carbon Lodge #65 recently raised their
                                             sign for all to see in Joliet, Montana. The sign was donated to the lodge
                                             many years ago by P.M. Norman Stevens. For various reasons throughout
                                             the years it was never put up for display. With the cooperation of the
                                             Rebekka Lodge permission was granted to place the sign adjacent to
                                             the Rebekka Lodge, where the Brothers of Carbon Lodge #65 meet
                                             monthly. The sign will be illuminated before and during the monthly
                                             meetings for all to see. Worshipful Master Gary Lay wants to personally
                                             thank all that participated in this notable event. A special thanks goes to
                                             the Joliet Rebekka Lodge, Northwestern Energy, Aqua Drilling of Joliet,
                                             P.M. Norman Stevens, and P.M. Corb Strommen both of Carbon Lodge
#65, P.M. Ray Gerringa; Billings #113, P.M. Riley Cooke;Tri-Mountain
View Lodge #35 Lovell, Wyoming, and P.M. Joe McNiel; Shoshone Lodge
#21 of Cody Wyoming. Without their commitment and cooperation this
event could not have taken place.

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