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Montana Freemason  March 2015                                                           Volume 91 Number 1

Many individuals make contributions directly
to the Masonic Service Association of North
American, and other organizations, notably
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bgreeeant lgaebnoerrooufsloavned. faithful supporters of this

The Masonic Service Association’s Hospital
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brave men and women who are spending lonely
days, weeks and months in the V.A. Facilities.

Almost all of the 51 Grand Lodges in the
United States together with Puerto Rico and the
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There are 172 veterans Hospitals and many
State Veterans Homes and Extended Care
Facilities across this country. At present we
have Masonic volunteers in 159 of the V.A.
Hospitals and over 40 State Veterans Homes
and Military Hospitals.

                               Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
 On March 9th, Brothers Jason Smith, Lewie Fletcher, Ronny Aasterud and Sean McDuffee members
of the Billings Valley Scottish Rite visited the House of the Temple. They were able to meet with the
Sovereign Grand Commander Ronnie Seale. They also had an opportunity to visit with Bro. Art de
Hoyos, and to visit Federal Lodge No. 1.

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