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Montana Freemason  March 2014	  Volume 90 Number 1

                            “…left to his own devices, man will
                            use his God-given talents to be
                            creative, productive, and prosperous.
                            Using free will, he will better his own
                            situation and that of those around
                            him, thereby influencing in a positive
                            way his own destiny…”
This version of the “Self Made Man” was created by Brook Cunningham, MWPGM of Arizona.
One of these was graciously presented to the Montana Masonic Musuem, where it is on display.
A limited production of these statues was struck and a few are still availabe, the price is $395.00
plus shipping. For more information contact:

                                                        	 Brook Cunningham PGM
                                                        	 123 Devils Kitchen Drive
                                                        	 Sedona, AZ 86351
                                                        	 Home: 928 284-0784
                                                        	 Cell: 928 301-2509

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