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Montana Freemason  March 2014	                          Volume 90 Number 1

  References:                                                             WISDOM
1 Montana Masonic Code §28020                                 Jack R. Levitt PGM(CA) #1,6 & 18
2 Montana Masonic Code §28030
3 “THE POWERS OF THE WORSHIPFUL MASTER”                    As Wisdom begins with wonder, have you
                                                        ever wondered at that portion of the opening
   MSA Short Talk Bulletin - Vol.VII August, 1929 No.8  charge wherein we are told– “Wisdom dwells in
4 “ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER: MASONIC EDITION             contemplation, there we must seek her.”

   REVISED AND EDITED BY MICHAEL R. POLL”                  If so, have you taken any steps toward understanding
   Second Edition, © 2005-2007 Cornerstone Book         what it means? Your mere knowledge of the words
   Publishers. (Used with permission.)                  would only mean you can recite the charge, but your
5 Montana Masonic Code §32010                           understanding of the words can only be acquired if
6 Montana Masonic Code §32020                           you contemplate the meaning.
7 Montana Masonic Code §32030

                                                           To understand our ritual it is necessary to realize
                                                        that it is Wisdom and not just knowledge that accords
                                                        us the ability to understand and apply to our every-
                                                        day lives the principles of our Craft.

      50 Years                                             Wisdom is the right use of knowledge. You, for
Elbert Fazenbaker                                       instance, might have the knowledge that a tomato is a
                                                        fruit, but it takes wisdom for you not to put it in a fruit
                                                        salad. For a Masonic example: While you may have
                                                        knowledge of that portion of the ritual which suggests
                                                        that our duty is not to be better than our brethren, but
                                                        to be better than ourselves, has it occurred to you that
                                                        it includes meaning we must exercise forbearance
                                                        under provocation and always show tolerance, even
                                                        to those who err against us. Or that it means that we
                                                        must keep on the right course despite condemnation
                                                        or derision or misunderstanding?

                                                           Wisdom can never be achieved merely by listening
                                                        to oral explanations or lectures or reading books. You
                                                        must go on a path of personal practice and experience
                                                        to open up, by interpretation and understanding, the
                                                        hidden mysteries of the Craft.

WM Paul Martello, Helena Lodge No. 3                       To acquire Masonic Wisdom you must be a
presenting the Montana 50 Year Award to Elbert          diligent thinker. You must study and contemplate the
C. Fazenbaker                                           meanings of Freemasonry’s symbols and allegories.
                                                        When you do, you will help fulfill our Craft’s mission
                                                        by becoming wiser, better and consequently happier.


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