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Montana Freemason                             March 2014	                                Volume 90 Number 1
Grand Lodges, we need to become a part of that
We don’t need to try to change operations if we
are not abiding by the rules and regulations. They
have got a regulations or a rule that you have got to
turn in a petition on your obligation. You have got
certain things that you have got to do. If you want
to change that, you need to become a part of your
Grand Lodge and get the support and do the thing
in the right way. This is not the right way.

   We as Shriners are -- (Applause) -- Masons and
we want to always be a Mason, and let’s do the right
Gthoindgb, laenssdesatcrhaiNghotbelne thheerethtoindgasy.o(uAtptphleaursieg.h)t way.

you, sir. I see no one else up to speak to this. So we
wtoildl ocatlhl fisorbtyhea qwureitstteionnb. aTlhloetr,eahnads ibteiesnuaprleoquyeosut
-- ...cries of “no” ensued -- would you just -- let
me finish = but it is up to you, the membership, to
make that. So I am going to ask the question. Do
y..o.Iudwona’nt thaavwe rtiotteanskbtahleloste?c.o..ncdrioens eo.fT“hnaot”isendsouneed.
So what we will do is to do this by voice vote. All
those in favor of the motion signify by saying aye.
All those opposed to the motion, signify by saying
na apyr.oTbhleamt wtahselroeu. dItawnadscdleeafre.aIteddo.nT’thtahninkkywoue hvaevrye
much. (Applause.)

            Algeria Potentate - Richard Horton (13), (406) 544-3880,

            Al Bedoo Potentate - Darren DeHass (29), (406) 896-5607,

            Bagdad Potentate - Jeff Wilborn(*), (406) 683-6467
                  *Not a member of a Montana Lodge, was a member of Monitor No.35
                    but not reported as an active member since 2011.

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