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Montana Freemason                             March 2014	                  Volume 90 Number 1
members to a probable pool of the Masonry Order. NOBLE GARY MATICAN: Okay. I’m making a
We feel that this may be the salvation of Montana’s motion that we amend this resolution and we have
Grand Lodge which currently is in a leaner decline, the Imperial Potentate declare that 325 Shriners
and continues to see large membership decrease remain in good standing.
year after year.
You may ask, are your Nobles behind us? Yes. IMPERIAL POTENTATE LEMIEUX: We have a
Bagdad and Algeria has voted, or has had a vote mot ion on the floor.
of the Nobles at slated meetings to receive an I don’t think I understand it, because they are not
overwhelming support on this issue. Al Bedoo in good standing at this time, if I’m not mistaken.
discussed this legislation at a stated meeting of, 42 They have not been expelled, correct?
members were there, and they only had four that
said something against the procedure. Imperial Sir, NOBLE PAUL C. BEBO: Let me clarify that, sit.
at the conclusion of this discussion our temples Three hundred and twenty-five Shriners in good
would request a written ballot on this item.         standing can remain in Montana in the Shrine.
Now, let me continue here. I’ve just got a little bit But only these 325 Shriners, if they are not in good
more to say and – If you take a man and you wish standing as Masons.
to make him better and invite him in an honored
fraternity and dowel him with all the rights and IMPERIAL POTENTATE LEMIEUX: I have to
privileges of the Craft, take his fees and yearly dues, consult with the lawyers because I am not sure we
take his contribution of time and resources, then can make that motion for the future, can we? Hang
change the rule and expel him out without due on a minute.
process stating that he is a lesser man, I ask you,
is that Masonry? Is that Justice. Is that what the IMPERIAL POTENTATE LEMlEUX: Excuse
Masonic family is all about? We say no. Please help me. The attorneys are still at it, but one indicated
us save Shrindom in Montana. Vote yes on Item to me that it was against our bylaws anyway. And
Number 4 on the Call. Thank you.                     the answer is going to be no. But, let’s give them
                                                     a few more minutes. Okay. I can tell you that the
IMPERIAL POTENTATE LEMIEUX: Thank you, attorneys have come up with an opinion and that
sir. Is there anyone who wishes to speak against? is that the amendment is definitely out of order.
this issue? Please come up.                          And that if, in fact, he wanted to amend it, it has to
                                                     go into another sect ion of the bylaws which is not
NOBLE JAMES F. BOOKER: My name is Jim even being discussed. Therefore, we won’t entertain
Booker and am assistant rabban of Sharon Temple that. So I think I see other gentlemen up there that
in Tyler, Texas, and I am opposed to this resolution would like to speak.
the erode of Masonry and Shrinedom.
If you allow these temples to make Shriners that NOBLE TOM WEIK: Imperial Sir, my name is
are not Master Masons, when they come to your Tom Weik; I’m a member of Al Bedoo. On June
state, they will be full-fledged Shriners. Next year 19, 2008, at a stated meeting there were 42 Nobles
they will be sitting next to you in this assembly and present and four spoke against this. But at the same
they will be full­fledged Shriners. They will not be meeting absolutely none of the Nobles present at
under the qualifications that you have got to be to Al Bedoo spoke in favor of it. Overwhelmingly, the
be a Mason. They could be on atheist, a felon, and expression of those members at that stated meeting
all the things that we are against in Masonry. So I were in opposition to this amendment, to any
ask you, do not vote yes on this proposal.           change in Article 323 .3. Therefore, I recommend
In the state of Montana right now is one of that you vote against this item. (Applause.)
the easiest states to become a Mason. You are
only required to memorize 51 questions and three IMPERIAL POTENTATE LEMIEUX: Thank you.
obligations. In the state of Texas you have got to We have another speaker over here.
memorize 85 questions just to be a Fellowcraft. So
they have an easy way to be a Mason in the state NOBLE BOBBY B. SIMMONS: Imperial Sir,
of Montana now, and I have talked to their Grand Imperial Officers, and fellow Representatives. I am
Master on several occasions in the last month. He is Bobby Simmons from Al Sihah Shriners in Macon,
a Shriner of 34 years. He is not against Shrinedom. Georgia.
They need to go to their lodges and their grand You know there are ways to do things in our
lodge and handle their problems and not bring their fraternity. All the lodges have got bylaws. All the
dirty laundry here. Thank you. (Applause.)           Grand Lodges have got rules and regulations, and
                                                     if we want to change those things in our lodgePsagaen1d3
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