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Montana Freemason                                 March 2014	                                           Volume 90 Number 1
brother Masons by as a token of our brotherly love a proposal to amend section 323.3 of Article 23
and affection. While it isn’t the responsibility of the of the bylaws of the Iowa Corporation by adding
Grand Lodge of Montana to settle Shrine Temples subsection (c) thereto, so that such section, as
in Montana’s positions, it is the responsibility of amended, will read as follows:
all Masons (and hence, all Shriners in Montana)
to behave appropriately. The Masons of Montana ARTICLE 23, Temple Membership, Section 323.3
should encourage the Nobles of Montana in their Prerequisite for Membership.
efforts to redefine themselves, rather than attack (a) No change.
them for wanting to strike out on their own and (b) No change.
make their own way in the world.                                                                        (c) Exception. Notwithstanding the foregoing
                                                                                                        sub-sections, nor any other provisions in these
Let us in the future avoid the kind of rhetorical bylaws to the contrary, Algeria Shriners may accept
animosity hitting the airwaves in the past, which petitions from candidates 18 years of age or older.
send echoes seen in the ripples of eternity, and be The temple shall then thoroughly investigate
well informed, get the facts, and most importantly, the candidate in accordance with their temple
learn to ask questions before we point the finger. procedures, or as may be provided by Shriners
No one should perpetuate something without International. Thereafter, the petitions shall follow
knowing it to be true and having the facts. If blame the procedure of these bylaws as all other petitions,
is to be had, it is assigned to those who drive wedges as may be applicable. Any candidates elected to
against those in positions to facilitate solutions, membership are, thereafter, not subject to the
and not assigned to those who are ever willing to prerequisite requirements as recited in these bylaws,
answer questions, always bearing in mind that we and they shall retain their membership unless
will not always like the answers that we may hear. suspended or terminated as provided in Section
Let sincerity and plain-dealing distinguish us, and 323.9 of these bylaws.
with heart and tongue, we should join in promoting
each other’s welfare. That is what matters.                                                             NOBLE ERIC J. ANDERSON: Imperial Sir,
                                                                                                        Imperial Sirs, Most Worshipful and Right
Do you, as a Montana Mason, agree with the                                                              Worshipful Grand Masters, Illustrious Sirs, and
positions          Lsettatuesdknboewlo:we-mbayil  roerpwrersiteenttaotiuvsesyouorf                      f-ellelot wmeRgepetremseynatcattitvoegse.tIht egrivfeirssmt. Ee xncougserematep. lIemasouvree
Ttheomupghletss?.                                                                                       for the acceptance of Item Number 7 on the Call.

   Do you as a Noble in Montana, agree with the                                                            NOBLE ERIC J. ANDERSON: Thank you,
positions stated below by the representatives of                                                        Imperial Sir. Fellow Representatives, I come here
yaProoeutertnhTteaeytmeaopsrkleiDsn?igvDaynooumy?oeuLmekbtnetohrswe.mwkhnaot wth-ecyonatraectdoyoinugr  with not great honor submitting this legislation
                                                                                                        before you. The Grand Lodge in Montana is in
   (1) From the 2013 Imperial Session - Effect of                                                       utter chaos. They have had tribunals. They have
amendment if passed: This amendment would                                                               done things that are doctoral of good Masonic
permit Algeria Shriners to initiate candidates                                                          symbolic teachings that we have been taught. I’m
18 years of age or older without any prerequisite                                                       a past grand master of that great state. And I don’t
requirements.                                                                                           see any reason why the Grand Lodge in Montana
                                                                                                        has requested our potentates in the state to pledge
   (2) From the 2008 Imperial Session- Effect of                                                        allegiance to the Grand Lodge of Montana. I don’t
amendment of passed: The amendment would                                                                see why the grand master can quit debate on certain
allow, Al Bedoo Shriners, Algeria Shriners and                                                          items in the state. I have no reason why they are
Bagdad Shriners too accept a petition from a                                                            against membership in the state. We have created
candidate that they deem worthy even though he                                                          90 Master Masons in the last five years. That is not
is not in good standing as a Master Mason.                                                              enough membership to reduce the losses that we
                                                                                                        are seeing in our temples.
   The following is taken from the Proceedings
Shriners International, 139th Annual Session,                                                              They are handicapping my potentate and my
July 1-4, 2013, Indianapolis, Indiana:                                                                  divan of doing their job that they are elected and
                                                                                                        have taken their solemn oath and obligation to
   Item Number 7 on the Call of the annual session                                                      perform their duties. And I am asking you, as the
of 2013, which begins on page 25 of the Call. It is                                                     voting Representatives of this body to give my
                                                                                                        potentate and my divan the opportunity to rebuild
                                                                                                        Algeria Shrine. Thank you.

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