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Montana Freemason  April 2016  Volume 92 Number 3

                                          Message for the Ladies attending
                                                       the 150th Session

                                    Greetings! I hope this message nds you all well and full of the joys of
                                    Spring! It has been such an amazing year! It has been great fun and a great
                                    honor visiting di erent lodges and getting to share in special events.
                                    Grand Master Brian and I want to invite you to Helena June 23-25 to share
                                    in an exciting weekend - the 150th Communication of the Grand Lodge of
                                    Montana. e Grand Lodge o ce has been very busy preparing for this
                                    historic event. Reid and Daniel are juggling so many things at once. Every
                                    day. I can’t thank them enough!
                                    We have absolutely wonderful evening entertainment lined up this year -
                                    Rob Quist on ursday and Dueling Pianos on Friday. You will nd both
provide great musicianship and total fun!
While the men are in session, we’ve been arranging a variety of things for the ladies to choose from. On
Friday we have the Public Grand Opening, our Ladies Luncheon (It’s A Wonderful Life!) and the Helena
Tour Train.
Saturday is an open day with several activities you can choose from; tour the Montana Historical Society
or the Original Governor’s Mansion, go in search of a killer yard sale, or visit Donna’s Dollhouse (if you
like dolls at all, you’ll nd this an amazing place!)
If you have not had a chance to visit Montana’s Grand Lodge Building in Helena, please do. It is an
amazing place with a magni cent museum, lled with splendid artifacts, including the masonic apron that
belonged to Meriwether Lewis. at’s right - “Lewis and Clark” Lewis!
On Sunday morning, you can attend a ceremony only held once every ten years -the placement of new
plaques on the Grand Lodge of Montana building honoring Grand Masters, Grand Treasurers and Grand
I am truly looking forward to seeing you in Helena. What else can I say? So excited!
Happily yours – Jennifer

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