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Montana Freemason            April 2016                                Volume 92 Number 3

It’s T i m e t o C e l e b r a t e 1 5 0 Ye a r s o f M a s o n r y i n Mo n t a n a

Thursday evening, June 23rd

Three of the West’s premiere singer/songwriter and dynamic performers together with
a stellar band of musicians are on tour to bring a memorable evening of award winning
songs to audiences throughout America. Taken collectively, their music glides effortlessly
over the boundaries of jazz, country, bluegrass, folk, pop and blues, and many of their
original songs have been featured throughout the rich tapestry of the American Musical

    Rob Quist, lead vocals, banjo and guitar, is lead singer and
songwriter of such seminal groups as Mission Mountain Wood Band,
The Montana Band, and Rob Quist & Great Northern. His ode to rural
living “Close to the Land”, recorded by Michael Martin Murphey, was
recently awarded “Song of the Year” at the Texas Music Awards, and is
featured on the Grammy nominated bluegrass album by Murphey. Rob
has: released several CDs; appeared on National TV numerous times;
toured extensively to Japan, Europe and the US; is a published poet;
and was recently inducted into the University of Montana School of
Fine Arts Hall of Honors, recognizing him as “one of it’s greats”.

                    Halladay Quist, lead vocals, bass, banjo and guitar, has just released
                   her first self titled CD to rave reviews, drawing strong interest from
                   major labels. As a songwriter, she has composed many of the songs
                   on her CD and has a new composition recorded by Phil Vassar.
                   She is recognized as an up and coming artist to be reckoned with,
                   garnering wildly enthusiastic responses from concert audiences
                   throughout Europe and the West.

   Guthrie Quist, lead vocals and lead guitar, has released three CDs of
original music. With his powerful vocals, he was offered a voice scholarship
to Pepperdine, where he formed the rock group Quisthammer, touring
California and the West opening for Three Dog Night and the Doobie
Brothers. Guthrie was cast in the leading role of the full feature Indy movie
“Flower in The Dirt”, due out this Spring.
 With stellar lead vocals, close three part harmony, and world class instrumentals, they
bring the easy camaraderie of well seasoned road warriors to the stage. Don’t miss this
opportunity to hear some of America’s best loved songs by the artists who have composed
them. Brother Rob and Guthrie Quist are members of Kalispell Lodge No. 42.

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