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Montana Freemason  April 2016                            Volume 92 Number 3

There is an old allegory in the Talmud that tells that   where our gentle Masonic Craft has a crucial and
before creating man, God called the angels together      worthwhile contribution to make.
and asked their opinion on what He had in mind.          By learning to call each other “Brother”, by
“Shall I create man?” He asked them.                     learning to recognize a brother in every fellow
“Create him not!” said the angel of Justice. “He will    man, Masonry will, by attitudes and actions, help
be unjust towards his fellow man; he will injure the     to rebuild and strengthen the moral fiber of society.
weak and exploit the vulnerable!”                        Leo Baeck, the 20th-century German rabbi, scholar
“Create him not!” said the angel of Peace, “He will      and theologian, was imprisoned by the Nazis in
stain the earth with the blood of his brothers; he will  Theresienstadt. He refused to compromise his
spread mischief and discord wherever he goes!”           dignity or become demoralized. Upon his release he
                                                         said “Some of us were determined to demonstrate
“Create him not!” said the angel of Truth, “Though       that the goodness in man can be victorious over
You create him in Your image and stamp the               brutality and bestiality”.
impression of Truth on his brow, yet he will desecrate   If we are going to utilize Masonry in the midst of
Your creation with falsehood and dishonesty!”            this vast megacosm as a spur and inspiration to
                                                         do anything, let it be our resolution that we renew
They would have said still more, but Mercy, the          our pledge to call each other “Brother” and thus to
youngest and dearest angel of them all, stepped up       stand at all times, and wherever we may be, for the
to the Divine Throne and said, “Father, create him!      goodness in man.
Make him in Your image, as the crowning glory of         If we are going to allow the experience of these
Creation. And, when others forsake him, I will be        Masonic gatherings to leave an enduring impression,
with him. I will touch his heart with pity and make      let it be our determination that Masonry will find
him kind to others weaker than himself. When he          fresh energy to be benevolent in the old ways, and
goes astray, turning from the ways of justice, peace     generate new vigor to seek and adopt more and
and truth, I will gently direct him back again to the    improved ways to be of service to each other and
upright path, and he will be a brother again to his      to society.
fellow man!”                                             And may the Great Architect of the Universe,
The Father Of Us All listened to the voice of Mercy,     whose favors we acknowledge in reverence and
and with Mercy’s support He created man.                 humility, continue to preserve the Masonic Order,
Might one not be right in suspecting that there were     by cementing and adorning it with every moral and
times, possibly quite frequently, and more recently,     social virtue.
when the Almighty was tempted to regret His
decision? When Justice was slighted; when people         BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE
gave in to blackmail and bribery; when you were          BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU DO
only decent to others, provided they belonged to         BE PROUD TO BE A MASON!
your side, and the rights of others could be trampled
on with impunity…

When Peace was brushed aside, and even when there        *Adopted with Permission from WB Phil Blaisdell
was no outright war there was no concern for each
other, no understanding of each other, no goodwill
or generosity in thought or deed…

When Truth was disdained, and the world grew
full of broken promises, ambiguous half-truths and
hypocritical double-talk…

And yet the angel of Mercy suggested that there          Brian Murphy, Grand Master
was a fundamental decency in humankind which
would, with her help, at last rouse itself. And this is                                                   Page 5
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