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Montana Freemason  April 2016  Volume 92 Number 3

3 Great Falls Schools Get Library Grants from Montana Masonic Foundation

Getting new books to add to a school library can be expensive, several elemetary hools in Great Falls
received some help with that from the Montana Masonic Foundation. The Montana Masoic Foundation
granted $10,142.15 to three Great Falls school libraries.
Roosevelt Elementary received $2,006.92, Sunnyside Elementary received $2,500, and Sacajawea
Elementary got with $5,635.23. All of that money will be used for books.
The Montana Masonic Foundation treasurer Bruce Lahti says the organization has made reading
achievement a big focus in their grant program.
“I think the earlier that we can get children involved with reading and understanding comprehension, it
helps them throughout school, it helps them stay in school, it helps them understand the lessons they’re
learning in the classes.”

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