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 A recommendation to amend the Constitution to delete the term “and Past Deputy Grand
 MEMBERS, Subsection C; and to delete the term “and Deputy Grand Master” from Article V -
 GRAND LODGE OFFICERS, Section 520; and to delete corresponding Constitutional references
 to the Deputy Grand Master in the Table of Contents and Index of the Code and Constitution.
Be it resolved that:
The constitution Section 230. C. be amended as follows:
230. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS. Grand Lodge shall consist of:
A. Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Grand Treasurer,

    Grand Secretary, Senior Grand Deacon, Junior Grand Deacon, Grand Marshal, Senior Grand Steward,
    Junior Grand Steward, Grand Standard Bearer, Grand Sword Bearer, Grand Pursuivant, Grand Tyler,
    Grand Chaplain, Grand Historian, Grand Organist, and Assistant Grand Secretary;
B. Such officers as it may from time to time create;
C. The Past Grand Masters and Past Deputy Grand Masters of this jurisdiction;
D. The Masters and Wardens or their proxies duly constituted, and the Treasurer and Secretary, without
    right of proxy, of the chartered lodges under its jurisdiction; and
E. Such Past Masters who qualify as Past Masters of this jurisdiction as provided for elsewhere in this
    Code (28060). [1997 Proc. 107, 157, 162; 1998 Proc. 219-220 (R-97-2); 2011 Proc. 79 (R-2010-02)]
Be it further resolved that:
The constitution Section 520. be amended as follows:
520. QUALIFICATIONS OF OFFICERS. All officers must be a member of a lodge in this jurisdiction.
The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master must be a Past Master of a lodge of this jurisdiction. The
Grand Secretary must be a member of Grand Lodge.
Committee on Jurisprudence Rationale and Comments:
This Recommendation is made under authority of Code of Statutes Section 5070-B-1, which directs the
Committee on Jurisprudence to prepare legislation as may be required, together with a brief statement of
the purpose and effect of them on Grand Lodge, and which will carry out the intent of the proponents.
This is companion legislation to Grand Master’s Recommendation No. GMR-2016-02. The passage of
GMR-2016- 02 would essentially remove from the Deputy Grand Master the right of succession to Grand
Master and the default designation of “Grand Master-Elect”. The Committee on Jurisprudence knows none
of the history of the reason for inclusion of Past Deputy Grand Masters as Officers or Members of Grand
Lodge as stated in 230.C. We can only assume that it was due to his unique status as “Grand Master-Elect”.
We feel that if that right of succession is removed, and, if a future Deputy Grand Master would not be elected
to the office of Grand Master, there would be no reason to include Past Deputy Grand Masters as Officers or
Members of Grand Lodge. For the same reasons, we feel that if GMR-2016-02 passes there appears to be
no reason to require the Deputy Grand Master to be a Past Master of a lodge in this jurisdiction. (It should
be pointed out that if this Recommendation passes as presented, then all Past Deputy Grand Masters would
cease to be considered as Officers and Members of Grand Lodge).
This Recommendation seeks to amend the Constitution. Agreeable to Article VIII, Section 810, the
proposed Constitutional Amendment would need to be referred to a special committee for review. The
committee can make corrections, substantive amendments or a substitute Constitutional amendment that
does not change the recommendation’s intent. That committee shall report back to the members with their
recommendation. If the proposed Constitutional amendment and any amendments to it or a substitute
Constitutional amendment is approved by a majority (50% + 1 vote) it is then referred to the Committee on
Jurisprudence to report on at the next annual communication. A three-fourths (3/4) affirmative vote at that
subsequent communication is required for adoption.
If GMR-2016-02 is defeated, this Recommendation will be withdrawn.

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