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Montana Freemason  April 2016                                                Volume 92 Number 3

Committee On Jurisprudence Recommendation 2016-01 (continuted from page 21)

20070. HISTORIC LODGES. A special classification of constituent lodges is hereby established, to be
known as historic lodges, with authority to preserve their buildings, paraphernalia, and historic connections
to their communities, subject to all the provisions of this code, except:
L. They shall not:

   1. Have power to confer degrees;
   2. Be liable for the relief of a member, his wife, widow, or orphan; or and a member of an historic lodge

       shall not be eligible for admission to the Masonic Home unless he is a member in good standing in
       a lodge under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge; or
   3. Be entitled to representation in the Grand Lodge or a vote therein; and . . .
Be it further resolved that this Resolution No. CJ-2016-01 be exercised and become effective only if
and when the sale of the Montana Masonic Home as outlined in Resolution No. R-2016-03 is completed
and finalized.
Committee on Jurisprudence Rationale and Comments:
This recommendation is made under authority of Code of Statutes Section 5070-B-1, which directs the
Committee on Jurisprudence to prepare legislation as may be required, together with a brief statement of
the purpose and effect of them on Grand Lodge, and which will carry out the intent of the proponents.
This is companion legislation to Resolution No. R-2016-03. The passage of Resolution No. R-2016-03,
directing the Masonic Home Corporation to sell the Montana Masonic Home would make any reference
in the Code to the Masonic Home superfluous. This recommendation is necessary to clean up the Code by
deleting all references to the Home.
If R-2016-03 is defeated, this recommendation will be withdrawn.
This is a proposed amendment to the Code of Statutes; a two-thirds favorable vote is necessary for adoption.

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