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Montana Freemason                           April 2016                            Volume 92 Number 3


A recommendation to delete Code Section 4020B and to amend Code Sections 6030, 7040, and
20070.L.2. to remove all reference to the Masonic Home.

Be it resolved that:
Code of Statutes Section 4020B be deleted.

4020. SPECIAL COMMITTEES. The following committees shall be appointed at each annual
communication of Grand Lodge, as soon as practicable after its organization, by the Grand Master when
A. To consist of three members each:

   1. Examination of Visiting Brethren, whose duty it shall be to examine all visitors not properly vouched
       for, and report their respective names, addresses, and Masonic connection to Grand Lodge;

   2. Chartered Lodges and Lodges under Dispensation, whose duty it shall be to:
      a. Examine the returns of chartered lodges and report thereon;
      b. Examine the work of Lodges under dispensation, and if found worthy to recommend them for
          charters, and
      c. To examine all petitions for change of name or location of lodges, and report the facts with
          recommendations. ; and

B. To consist of five members each:
   1. Examination and Nomination of Masonic Home Trustees, whose duty it shall be to:
     a. Examine and report on the annual report of the Masonic Home Board of Trustees prior to the close
         of the annual communication; and
     b. Present the names of the necessary nominees to fill the vacancies of Master Mason Home Trustees
         whose terms have expired and the name of the member to serve for the remainder of the term of the
         member he replaced because of resignation or death to be elected; further nominations may be made
         from the floor, although no member of the Masonic Home Board of Trustees shall serve more than
         two full consecutive terms. The committee shall include the Deputy Grand Master and Senior Grand

Be it further resolved that Code of Statutes Section 6030 be amended as follows:

THE MASONIC HOME OF MONTANA. In addition to the degree fees (37080), each Entered Apprentice
shall pay the lodge $5.00 to support the George Washington Masonic Memorial. and $10.00 to support
the Masonic Home of Montana. These This fee shall be paid only once by the candidate. The lodge shall
remit the fees fee collected and annually include them it as part of the Annual Return process. Once all the
fees have been received through the Annual Return process the combined fees from all lodges for Masonic
Home of Montana and the George Washington Masonic Memorial will be remitted to them it by the Grand

Be it further resolved that Code of Statutes Section 7040 be amended as follows:

7040. VIGILANTE MEMORIAL WELFARE FUND. The Vigilante Memorial Welfare Fund shall be
used for the aid, and assistance and relief of all poor and distressed Master Masons, their widows and
orphans. as well as persons who would ordinarily be qualified for admission to the Masonic Homes of
Montana, but whose condition makes it impossible for them to be admitted to the Home because of lack of
hospital facilities there. It shall be funded by at least $1.00 per capita assessment levied upon the constituent
lodges. The Board of Directors of the Montana Masonic Foundation shall be responsible for processing
of all applications for relief and assistance from this fund under such rules and regulations as shall be
established by the Board.

Be it further resolved that Code of Statutes Section 20070, Subsection L be amended as follows:

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