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Montana Freemason  April 2016                                    Volume 92 Number 3

                   Grand Master’s Recommendation No. 2016-05

A Grand Master’s recommendation to amend Part II - Constituent Lodges, Article V - Requirements,
Section 25070 - Annual Returns, of the Code Statutes of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Montana,
requiring that the Annual Return be submitted using an electronic process as approved by the
Grand Secretary and increasing the fine for late submissions.

Be it resolved that:
Section 25070., of the Code and Statutes be amended as follows:

25070. ANNUAL RETURNS. Annually, on or before the 15th day of March, every chartered lodge shall
transmit to the Grand Secretary a full and correct report of its transactions for the 12 months preceding the
first day of January in such form as may be provided by him. All Annual Returns shall be processed and
submitted using an electronic process as approved by the Grand Secretary. Each return shall contain:
A. A list of the officers who served during the year covered by the return;
B. A list of those initiated, passed and raised, Master Mason proficiencies, affiliated, reinstated, suspended,

    dimitted and died during the year; and
C. Those who were awarded the Grand Lodge 50 year membership award, and those holding such award

    who died during the year. The return shall not contain a list of the membership at the end of the year, but
    such shall be placed in the printed roster of members provided by the Grand Secretary.
D. The return shall show the financial position and a summary of the financial transactions of the lodge and
    that the books of the lodge have been duly reviewed by a committee of at least three members of the
    Lodge knowledgeable in accounting or financial statement review for the year covered by the return
    and shall be attested by the Master and Secretary under the seal of the lodge.
E. Any lodge failing to timely file shall pay a fine of $3.00 $25.00 per day for each day elapsed after
    the deadline date, unless the Grand Master shall extend the filing time for good cause shown. Any lodge
    willfully failing to timely file shall not be allowed to sit or participate in Grand Lodge until it has

Grand Master’s Explanation of GMR-2016-05:
This amendment will provide for greater standardization, accuracy and efficiency and reduce the time
required to complete and submit the Annual Return. Recently we have seen that the Craft desires to have
electronic balloting for ease, accuracy and greater time management. Should we not be so inclined for
something as important as the Annual Return? We need to embrace the efficiencies of technology at every
opportunity. For these reasons I recommend this amendment pass.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
This resolution seeks to raise the fee per day from three dollars ($3.00) to twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for
failing to timely file annual returns. It also requires submitting returns using an electronic process approved
by the Grand Secretary.
The resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes. In accordance with Code Sect. 50320, a two-thirds
(2/3) favorable vote is required for passage.

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