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Montana Freemason  April 2016                                 Volume 92 Number 3

                   Grand Master’s Recommendation No. 2016-03

A Grand Masters recommendation to amend Part I - Grand Lodge; Article I - Powers and Duties of
the Grand Master; Section 1050. E.-Powers, of the Code of Statutes of the Grand Lodge of A.F. &
A.M. of Montana to not allow exemption of the proficiency for candidates who receive their degrees
in accelerated classes.

Be it resolved that:
Section 1050. E, of the Code and Statutes be amended as follows:
E. Make Masons at sight and for this purpose may summon to his assistance such Brethren as he may
deem necessary. Masons made at sight for the purpose of accelerated degrees, commonly known as
Occasional Lodges or One-Day Classes shall not be exempted from proficiency requirements as provided
for elsewhere in this Code:
Grand Master’s Explanation of GMR-2016-03:
We should not create two classes of Masons: those who are bound to us and our rules, and those to whom
the rules (including the rights and privileges) do not apply. All of our candidates ought to be given the
same rights and privileges, and not held back from receiving those rights and privileges, simply because
they received their degrees with multiple individuals.
Question 34 in the Entered Apprentice Proficiency booklet asks: “What are the rights of an Entered
Apprentice Mason?”
Our answer includes: “The Entered Apprentice Mason has the right to be instructed and examined. If he is
proficient and worthy, he has the right to ask for advancement to the next degree.
That man is entitled to an “apprenticeship” under a mentor or coach. The Coach’s Handbook (Section
Four of the Montana Masonic Manual) states: “He has been accepted for further training. His coach, like
the Master Mason of old, is bound to teach him, by precept and example as well as by instruction.” Our
Apprentice has a right to be properly instructed. Brothers, we need to be true to our obligations, and for
these reasons, I recommend this amendment be passed.
Comments of the Committee on Jurisprudence:
This recommendation seeks to require proficiency in the Masonic degrees for Masons made at sight in
accelerated degrees (Occasional Lodges or One-Day Classes).
The resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes. In accordance with Code Sect. 50320, a two-thirds
(2/3) favorable vote is required for passage.

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