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Montana Freemason  April 2016  Volume 92 Number 3

                                 Grand Master’s Recommendation No. 2016-01
A Grand Masters recommendation to amend Part 1 – Grand Lodge; Article I – Powers and
Duties of the Grand Master; Section 1040. H. of the Code of Statues of the Grand Lodge of A.F.
& A.M. of Montana to provide that a mentor/coach accompany candidates in degree work.

Be it resolved that:
Section 1040. H. of the Code of Statues be amended as follows:
H. The conferring of any of the degree work first sections upon more than three candidates at a time, or
the Master Mason degree work second section upon more than one candidate at one time, except where
provided for in the mnemonics, in writing prior to the conferral of the degree., provided that each individual
candidate is accompanied by an individual mentor or coach, resulting in a 1:1 ratio of candidates to mentor/
coaches present. The mentor or coach shall be appointed by the Worshipful Master. Application for such
dispensation shall be by the lodge after majority vote; and ….

Grand Master’s Explanation of GMR-2016-01:
The Coach’s Handbook (Section Four of the Montana Masonic Manual) declares that, “The candidates of
today are the craft of tomorrow, who will convey our great heritage of Freemasonry on to posterity. Among
them are the Masters and Grand Masters of the future. It is our duty to give them proper and thorough
instructions. The future of the candidate as a Mason lies in the hands of his coach.” As Grand Master, I
feel that point very poignantly. I was that man, being instructed by a coach, who became that future Grand
Master. My foundation for that future superstructure was laid with those first stones, guided and shaped by
a relationship with my mentors.
The Coach’s Handbook also states that, “The candidate’s most intimate connection with the lodge and
with Freemasonry is usually with his coach.” We accept this as so selfevident, that it has practically gone
unremarked in recent years. That a man’s coach is not with him to participate in three distinct evenings,
let alone all at once, is, or ought to be, a mistake bordering on the offensive. The initiation is the most
intimate ceremony a living Mason will be the recipient of. A coach or mentor must take his duties and
responsibilities seriously by sharing the intimate experience with his candidate.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
This recommendation seeks to amend Section 1040. H. of the Code of Statutes to require a lodge of this
jurisdiction to apply for a dispensation for, and the Worshipful Master to appoint, a mentor or coach for
each candidate for degree work whenever there is a plurality of candidates for degrees or sections of
degrees and which is in compliance with the mnemonics.
The resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes. In accordance with Code Sect. 50320, a two-thirds
(2/3) favorable vote is required for passage.

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